Health Problems Leading to Barriers in Success

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This is wholly a lifetime experience what people are going through right now related to health and life. When it is your mind which wants to prosper and develop new ideas, but your health does not permit that, it is the worst experience of your life. Just think, you have the dream of becoming a successful pilot or armymen, but as your health is not upto that standards, you cannot make that up. What will you feel, distresses, bored of your life and hate yourself.

The fact is most of the people have to switch to alternatives when they want to choose their dream career. But as the body is not as the mind, it does not give good results. Just take an example of me, when I was a child, I wanted to be a PILOT, but when I was to give matriculation, my eyesight degraded and my body too were not upto the standards. It made me choose an alternative, that is Engineering. It was also due to the force of my parents, to choose engineering.

But that is another story. I am here to discuss about the millions of people who are affected with bad health of various types and wanted to do lots of things in their life. I have seen people wanted to be a model, but could not make it up due to their bad face condition or acne experience. Or for more serious conditions, like wanted to be a great spokesperson or be successful in their life, but for bone diseases could not do it.

But the moral of my story is not to depress people. Rather I want to encourage everyone with the fact that what you have, you can do wonders with it. Also think that the problem you face with your health is very less compared to others. Then you can do wonders with your life. Just think about the people who are in more worser condition than you, but have achieved the greatest in life, a normal person cant think about. Just take example of Stephen Hawkins, being effected by neural disease, how he became the world’s most successful scientist. If he can, beside our bad health, we can also achieve wonders, just the right confidence to life is needed.


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