Family or Friendship

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I think 99 percent of the people in the whole world will agree with my statement that family is far more important than friendship. I also agree with that. People don’t say it but some guys in a certain age group say 18 to 25 generally like to be with friends rather than with their family. I am talking about some people, they are not rare for sure. 

However the fact is that, you get into whichever age group, your family will remain the closest among all your relationships. Let us talk about friendship. Friends are a gift but each and and every friend also has his/her own family and that is their first priority always. 

But still friendship is very different from other relationships including family as it has very rare boundations. You don’t have to maintain a friend unlike your family maintains you or cares for you. We choose friends but family is god gifted to you. We have the options in friendship which is why we all love to have friendship in our life. 

But family always is with you whatever you have done in your life, wrong or right. It is the family who never forgets you and you can go places to meet your family members but you might think of meeting a friend even if that friend is very near to you sometimes. 

But again friends comes into the picture when you can’t share something with your family members. People gneerally talk some personal things like love with friends and in return they get very nice response also without hesitation. But you can’t just share those things in your family. Yes, I strongly feel that this is the biggest plus point that we have in friendship. 

Just think of your parents or your brother as your friend. You can’t generally. But you are blessed by a friend in your own family, then you are the luckiest guy as you don’t need to share your experiences outside the family. 

There are some rare cases in which friends remains forever and they get together more frequently even after years and years. This is very rare because of the fact that something or the other comes in between the friendship always and we have to part our ways. That thing can be money, a girl or our own family. And this relation is so delecate that anything can break it as well as anything can make it again. 


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