What to Look For in a Virtual Personal Assistant

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Before the increase of the Web, personal staffs were only for high positioned management and only found in the workplace. These days, the internet is a very useful device to help you to find your own virtual personal assistant for any objective you can think of. Selecting a vpa can shorten and decrease the pressure of your job, thus making your life very simple.

But, what is a VA? Virtual Personal Assistants are freelance employees that guide experts, business owners, and fast paced experts by operating with clerical services for a fee. They work from home over the internet apart from the consumer and usually cost a reasonable amount of wage.

Most virtual assistants offer their services over the internet especially in the most visited networking websites like Ecademy, Linkedin and many more. It’s really hard to look for someone you can trust your business to, that’s why I created this list of recommendations before hiring a virtual personal assistant:

First look at their academic qualifications or their relevant work experiences to know their line of work and strength. Ask whether they know the fundamentals of MS Word, MS Excel, Emailing, researching, browsing, downloading etc. Also, keep in mind to look for someone who has a very good vocabulary skill.

A virtual personal assistant has an excellent typing WPM rate. Ask about if they can connect with a timeline and are capable of doing their work without supervision. An excellent candidate should know their abilities and industry. Be cautious of candidates that provide to do it all. Ask for established referrals, if they have one.

After searching for a certified VA, you need to practice them properly so that they can complete the tasks you assigned to them. Many virtual personal assistants have high level of knowledge in an online business. This person will be able to handle the tasks you gave them.

Assign different tasks to your virtual personal assistant. Be accurate on your recommendations, so that he or she will know your choices and to prevent misunderstandings. Do not ignore to improve and strengthen your relationship with your va to improve the learning experience.

So you can allocate all the tasks that you want them to do, but there are factors that you need to be cautious with. The following are the common blunders to avoid: One, do not use your VA for tasks to be conducted by yourself. They are there to support or just help and to do your most significant tasks. Second, do not give too much liability too soon. Allow them to demonstrate their capabilities by gradually providing bigger tasks. Finally, do not over respond to common mistakes. Sometimes you must allow small breakdowns to experience big benefits.


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