Entrepreneurship: Funding a Business With Loans

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First, make a loan to the next of kin. This action is performed when the employer feels natural to do a loan to the family and have to perform calculation. Loans to families is at risk and can sometimes make bad feelings because we are the East. Employers must submit these loans should be carefully and timely manner and understand the condition of those who would lend money. In seeking a loan should be entrepreneurs who have a family to come along to the family that owns the fund. Expression needs to be delivered in a transparent manner so that the family is willing to give help by lending funds. Employers must also make payments on the loan, if can be done cicil / installments. Employers also must provide services in exchange for the borrowed funds. If the employer does not pay back the loan, then employers will have difficulty later in life as well as the relationship between families are not going well.

Second, if businesses are unable or reluctant beginners make loans to the family, then loans for businesses can do to your closest friends. Usually, the closest friend will help when beginners attempt to tell her desire to balk. If the friend wants to help provide the funds and will once again be transparent so that no problems arise in the future. Beginners effort should also be willing to admit that never make loans to businesses. When the entrepreneur is successful, do not forget the help of others who have assisted us in the attempt. To gain confidence in this borrowing, the beginner can demonstrate their efforts to be done or the possibility of lenders willing to fund our efforts so that they can work together. Obtained when the cooperation is very good as well as businesses there seek and desire can be fulfilled.

Third, make loans to non-formal institutions close to home. Typically, borrowing to close the house that used to make loans often require collateral. However, because near the house and employers can negotiate, then any unsecured loans can be obtained. If necessary guarantees, it is known to pawn the goods. For these loans are usually employers must provide reasonable enough interest for both parties. That is, the interest can be higher than the prevailing interest rate even slightly higher than the interest rate on non-formal institutions like.

Fourthly, a withdrawal of funds via credit cards owned. Right now with the credit card product / credit card from the bank to make us somewhat easier to get funding from banks. To mendapatkanya, beginners must have a credit card. Beginners can attempt to go straight to the ATM or bank to obtain funds to purchase raw materials for the business with the credit card.

When using credit cards to obtain funds, a beginner must know the amount of interest paid and fees and charges. We recommend that beginners do business with mortgage payments more quickly when it has the funds. Because the cost is quite large for which the interest rate of 2.5 percent to 4 percent per month not including the minimum administrative fee of $ 50. If employers feel worthy of doing in this way can be tried.

Fifth, bank loans / bank loans are known as unsecured loans. Today many banks that offer unsecured loans because banks are required to have a credit keel. In applying for a loan without collateral, the novice must be a smart business deal for this application to be granted. Applications submitted to the bank should really be considered carefully and be sure to get it. When the credit applications / credit application is climinta other party’s name should be filled with the known next of kin or friends who may not provide information that is not good. Beginners should also attempt to tell the beginner to write the name of family or friends in the application so that it can answer correctly and appropriately so lucrative business beginners.

Next, apply for loans to financial institutions that provide loans in which entrepreneurs have collateral such as land and marketable securities / other securities. To do this loan, the employer must provide a minimum 20 percent funding of the funds needed to open a business. When the entrepreneur seeking a loan, it can be done with the form of limited liability companies  or consumer loans such as home, auto, and other goods. If employers want to borrow the credit union, the employer must be a member of the cooperative. All the actions employers should be carefully taken into account in order to obtain funds. Loans to financial institutions for business development that is generally larger and advanced. Generally, a bank that comes when our business is very good.


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