How Can we Keep Our Health?/

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Only by knowing and carefully obeying the laws of health.

1)      Diet

2)      Fresh air

3)      Exercise

4)      Sleep

5)      Work

6)      Avoidance of bad habits 

First, we must eat only good food, plain wholesome food, and just enough of it not too much and not too little. People often ruin their health by eating rich and fancy dishes or by eating too much. 

Secondly, we must breathe plenty of fresh air, living in close and stuffy rooms, breathing foul air, and not being enough out of doors, will soon spoil a person’s health.

Thirdly we must have regular bodily exercise. If we do not, like the ploughman and the coolie, get exercise in our daily work, we must get it in outdoor games, athletic sports, riding, walking or swimming.

Fourthly, we must have plenty of sleep. Late hours and early rising will soon spoil our nerves and ruin our health. Early to bed and early to rise certainly make a man healthy-whether or not they make him wealthy and wise.

Fifthly, we must work. Honest, regular interesting work, so long as it is not too heavy, will do much to keep us healthy.

Lastly, we must avoid bad habits, like drinking opium smoking, and secret vices which ruin a man’s body and soul.   

You need to use three of the specific abilities of the brain

The brain contains approximately 10,000 million nerve cells. Each cell is capable of milk up with 10,000 of its neighboring cells, which gives an infinitesimal figure of possible combinations. Something between 1000,000 and 1, 000, 00 0 cells work when you need to make a decision. To use the power of your brain to make a decision that is both good and satisfying, you need to use three of the specific abilities of the brain.   

Analyzing- the analyzing section of the mind break down the hole into small digestible chunks, the complex into simple elements.  

Synthesis or holistic think– the synthesizing section of the mind works in reverse to the analyzing section; it enables you to tell the wood from the trees.

Valuing- this is the judgmental, critical section of the mind that relies on brain patterns established by experience and learning to evaluate the decision being made.

If a decision is to be really effective, you must use all three abilities and not just the one you enjoying the most. 


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