Sharp Edges, Happier People

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It has often been observed that most people feel better when they feel as though they look better. Personal grooming not only serves the functions of hygiene and good looks, but also serves to improve personal confidence. There are many ways to express oneself in the context of personal grooming and adornment, but one of the simplest and most affordable ways to always look and feel sharp is to be conscientious about eyebrow, fingernail, and toenail grooming. Keeping sharp, quality eyebrow tweezers and nail clippers at home makes it easy to present a well-groomed appearance.

The shape of the eyebrows contributes greatly to the overall character of a person’s face. Heavy, untidy eyebrows often create the impression of an overbearing or unpleasant personality. Fortunately, even very heavy eyebrows are improved by a bit of judicious tweezing. Eyebrow shaping is a grooming task that is usually very easy to maintain after the initial shaping. Because there is a certain amount of discomfort involved in tweezing eyebrows, it is important to be sure that you use eyebrow tweezers, and not regular tweezers. Eyebrow tweezers have a slanted edge that helps keep your tweezing accurate and less painful.

Hands and fingernails make an immediate impression when meeting new people. Smooth, well-kept hands and nails are an easy way to create the impression of sophistication. Keeping your fingernails groomed is easy to do at home with a little practice. Much of the difference in a home manicure and a salon manicure is the quality of the tools being used. It is a good idea to keep a small kit of fingernail grooming supplies. Your kit should include rich cuticle oil, assorted nail files, a stiff brush for cleaning the nails, and good quality nail clippers. Many times people are advised not to use clippers to cut their nails for fear of causing breakage, but breakage occurs only when dull clippers are used. Dull clippers result in a crushing of the nail tissue, but clippers with a good sharp edge cut cleanly without damage. The clippers can also be used to snip any hang nails that may occur in-between full manicures.

Keeping your toenails groomed is important for overall foot health, as well as being esthetically pleasing. Often the type of shoe that is worn causes pressure and/or poor circulation around the toenails. Regular attention to the shape and health of toenails can prevent such painful conditions such as ingrown toenails, black and blue toenails, and toenail fungus. Improper trimming or neglecting to trim regularly with toenail clippers often leads to ragged toenail edges that are more likely a painful problem. It is very important when trimming toenails to use only toenail clippers with a sharp edge. The sharper edge allows the nail to be cut cleanly without leaving ragged edges. It also makes the clipping process easier and more comfortable.

Any task is easier with the proper tools. For personal grooming tools, you should always acquire the best quality available. In the case of clippers and tweezers, this means tools that have and keep a good sharp edge.


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