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Lot of people searching for a good adsense alternate, because it is not easy to get the approval from adsense, as well as google is very strict in approving the applications submitted. Lot of persons applications are rejected by google adsense based on various conditions like lack of content, traffic, quality, other network ads and some other reasons. Some people get depressed if there adsense is not approved.

Google have the rights to ban our adsense account at any time, if we violate the terms of the google, some people lost their google account based on various reasons and searching for a good adsense alternate. For those people who are searching for google adsense alternate are very much satisfied with chitika.

Chitika is a good paying site around years and lot of people got their payment from this site. The minimum payout of chitika is $10 via paypal and $50 via check. If you have a site/blog and interested in earning from it, surely chitika is the nice place to monitize your blog/site. Chitika provides the adsense ads and provide the same click rates and income like adsense. Getting approval from chitika is also very easy. Just submit your site/blog to this site and wait for around a week for approval. After getting the approval you can post the chitika ads in your blog and earn a lot based on your traffic and ad clicks.

Chitika is having a good CPM and CPC rates and provide the real time reports to the members. We have the ability to place the chitika ads in our site,blog and article writing sites. Some article sites allows us to place our chitika ads in our articles and give the full ad revenue to us.

Chitika ads are depends on the search results. Use the powerful and relevant key words or tags in your blogs and your chitika ads will appear in your site/blog based on the content of your blog. You can get monthly payments from this site based on your traffic. Surely it is the great site and best adsense alternate. Persons who are looking for adsense alternate can join with chitika to make a good online income. Click here to join with Chitika


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