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Web development is all about user giving request and response coming from the server. AJAX which stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and xml is the one emerging with websites. With use of AJAX the websites have become more responsive and the response to the user is quite fast. Previously with Websites if a user had to request for any data, the whole page was loaded again with response coming from server. But AJAX has completely changed the concept of website working. Now with AJAX only part of page is being served to the user. Rather than refreshing the whole page with AJAX only part of webpage gets refreshed. Thus the response time is less as compared to previous web technologies. With AJAX the user requests information from server at some intervals. Thus with intervals the requests would be sent to server thus checking for any updates and so on the user would be updated with information. Imagine a case were the information at server is not updated but even then the AJAX request keeps on happening at the server. This is where Ajax does not come handy. There is no point of giving information request to the server from client if no update has happened. Thus to make it more efficient a new term called COMET also known as Reverse Ajax was introduced. With Comet the user does not have to request server for any updates. As soon as there is any updates at the server the client would be responded. Comet makes server send information to the client whenever there is any information, thus without allowing client to make any request. Comet uses Long Pooling to make an open connection the server thus fetching data from server upon any events. With Comet the client does not have to make request to the server asking for updates.  It keeps a constant connection between the server and client to bring data from server to client. Many companies like Facebook, Gmail etc use comet for chat implementation. As chat implementation is very dynamic in nature thus it needs to check the server whether any response has been sent or not.


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