Pretending Experiences

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In our day to day life we are in need to face a lot of people and pretend in front of them due to some needs and necessities. We all have pretending experiences in our life. No one is an exception in this sort. Each and every one is pretending in their life due to some reasons. 

In our school days we pretend a lot of time in front of our teachers, some times we pretend among our friends for some reason. In the same way we are pretending in our house with our parents and siblings. Some times we are sad with some issues, but we pretend like we are happy while we are among our friends. As we don’t like to show our sad face as well as sad events to our friends and beloved ones, so we are pretending in this sort.

During work, we are in need to pretend in front of our boss, colleagues in some situation. It is very hard to avoid this kind of pretending activities in our life, as it is quite common to every one. Really it is very hard to see a person who is an exemption in this sort. Each and every person in this world is pretending for some needs. This kind of pretending activities will change based on the situation.

There is nothing wrong in pretending for good things and if our pretending activity will give some good benefits to us or others, then we will continue this kind of pretending things. But don’t pretend for bad things and activities. Some people always pretend in front of others for some unwanted things, surely we must avoid this kind of activities. 

Most of the time we all seems to be kind to every one, even some harsh people also pretend like a kind person in front of other persons, we will come to know about their real face with our understanding. There is nothing wrong in being kind to everyone, so always pretend as a kind person and help others as much as you can. Others will be happy with our help as well as people always wish to mingle with the person whoever kind to everyone. So being and pretending as a kind one is good in various sort.


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