Senopati Pamungkas – Battle of The Famous Sacred Figures 13

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Jagaddhita can see clearly, but as incredulous. Among the group who brought the flag, there is a flag with a yellow base color and symbol of a circle of young tiger. That means the identification of a prince.
Symbol banners with pictures tiger is the official picture palace Singasari. When coated with gold edges, it means the king himself. But who will come of this? Who are these exert so much force?
It’s been a lot in the prince’s palace. But of the many, not all the princes entitled to fly their own banners. 

Only a few names that have allowed flying and banners like that. That prince who had received education tactics of war and have a particular area as his territory. Once was, my king Sri Kertanegara have. Because as a starch or a crown prince, my king has had its own territory, namely  Daha. So he was entitled to wear the tiger image banners. Up to when it was crowned as king, Sri Kertanegara still using tiger symbol.

Jagaddhita suspected there was something wrong. If they were soldiers of the palace, Senamata Karmuka must know this. At least one knew what this siege. Now, if this is not a group of palace Singasari, and from where? And what it means to come up with a complete line of equipment such warfare?

Pembarep sighed. His hands move, and Panengah and Wuragil toward him. Pu’un who had been silent, also took a position closer to the God of Death Padmamuka without anyone caring.
Senamata Karmuka looked up into the sky. His gaze fixed on the top, but his voice to the side, slowly.

“Take care of yourself. This event is unpredictable. Do not worry about other people. Remember, keep yourself well.”
Upasara bowed respectfully
“Thank you, Pakde (uncle), …”
While the siege was more meetings. It’s not just dozens, butalready hundreds. It’s really incredible. The place was so quiet suddenly become the most decisive battle.
Senamata Karmuka back closer to the stretcher. Senopati Suro,Joyo, Lebur, Pangastuti get ready to protect, with the few remaining soldiers who are still there.

Of everything on the field, only jaghana and Wilanda the move.Like no one cares. the other is sick. Three people jumped the first, standing up straight. Overseeing all around. Judging from the clothing worn. certainly not all three at random soldier.Judging from the way a lightly hopped and very spring. Their knowledge is also not arbitrary.

Jagaddhita recognize them as Kawung Sen, Kawung Benggol, and Kawung Ketip. These are known as the leader Kelana Bhayangkara. Name the three warriors are never stuck when the famous mutiny Cayaraja. This is the third Bhayangkara  which broke through the palace’s famous Singasari kept neat. In a bloody rebellion that all-out that all three can not be defeated. Just because forgiveness Majesty the King, the third Kawung left free.
They left the palace after put down the rebellion.
But the victims of the palace is not small. Many of the best senopati fall.


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