Another Side of Meditation

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Meditation, for some people might say this is not foreign but also many people who might just know the word meditation itself. Indonesia in particular in terms of meditation is still closely associated with universities that use the energy in the martial, because meditation is a form of exercise for the concentration of power in the process.

Meditation can provide many benefits to the perpetrators, and perhaps without them knowing it directly. A case for someone who attended one of college personnel in martial arts, many of those who only know if the benefits of meditation to practice concentration, including my first. But as time goes by when I do a lot of meditation turns the mind and the heart becomes quiet and comfortable. In other words, meditation could have an impact in a person’s psychological health.

Not only that, when I was suffering from a headache or other ailments, then I meditate a few minutes was a significant positive impact. Reduced my headaches and I felt that the circulation of blood in my body to be smooth.

Perhaps each individual has different ways of doing this meditation, but the principle is the same that is focusing the mind (concentration). I used to do meditation in the following way:
A. Sitting cross-legged with eyes closed condition and the back straight,
2. Breathing technique is to breathe gently and deeply, and vice versa when you breathe out, gently remove.
3. Focus on one spot and do not think of anything (there is also a term used to empty the mind)
4. It can not do at least 15 minutes a day.

In addition, many researchers are also conducting research on the benefits of this meditation, and in essence the main benefits of meditation is associated with a person’s psychological health. Meditation is perfect done by someone who was having a lot of trouble to make it stress, because the meditation will make the change of resistance of the brain that cause stress to the lead character admission are satisfied (the study by Richard Davidson).

If you do this meditation regularly every day, feel the difference in your body.

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