Senopati Pamungkas – Battle of The Famous Sacred Figures 12

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“Nonsense. I just had to help him.” Upasara shouted angrily. “But do not expect you to touch my skin to heal. With one blow Pamanda Pandu will resolve this. Even now, if you’re ahead, I’m ready to serve you. Not only because once the Attack, you’ve admitted defeat. Niriti or the God of Death is an empty name. Before this I heard the news, you would not leave the opponent without killing. but it was so early that you leave two fighting like rats village. would you still have a heart for the man but use your degree? ”

“Snot-nosed kid, big’re talking about. It does not deserve you’re a student who usually only Ngabehi Pandu silent. Defeat or victory in battle was not unusual. You will soon experience as well. But you say I was brazen nonsense.

“You feel good with treating Padmamuka. That’s a sign you’re still in experienced. Blood self tole me the most gorgeous contrast to all of you blood.
Because he can train special knowledge about the river and fish poison. So when you lay grass powder, it’s like a poison in his body. Your Keris it did not hurt, it poses no problem. Did you just pull out a frivolous cause he poisoned, and severe.

“Well, now you’re telling me crap?”
Upasara melengak (shock). He had no idea that the body Padmamuka different from most people. In the body that is almost entirely non-toxic, the drug is toxic even for him.
Lost and a sense of shock. Upasara down. He held up his thumb with respect.
“Forgive my mistake. Padmamuka.”
Padmamuka winced.
“It’s smart of Pandu these dumb student. Speech …”
Not finished, the god of Death was attacked. For the people degrading Upasara can not Ngabehi Pandu granted. Especially with all kinds of silent calls. Although its power has not been delivered perfectly. Upasara can not help myself.
Death gods did not suspect at all that in such circumstances.
Upasara trying to attack. Find the dead are also not that way, he thought briefly.

This young man is really hot-tempered, unable to step on his shadow.
Senamata the first move. Earned his left hand and left shoulder Upasara membetotnya (attract).
“If I told you I would kill him, you do not interfere.”
Upasara shoulders as if stung. He was shocked. Trying to work up the energy as a spontaneous reaction. But the breakthrough power Senamata so hard. And eyes as hard Senamata not want to argue with.
Upasara was smart. He immediately captures the Senamata.You do not intervene, he quickly understood that it goes against the incoming power.

Yeah, right. Senamata seepage force can freely, and in just a few wince stiffness in the left part of the body is reduced.
Senamata waved his hand. Upasara pushed back some distance, had to somersault. It is also true. Even the drive was put on the calculation of certain Senamata. So Upasara forced somersault and it makes his blood flow faster. Upasara secretly grateful hearts.

Senamata himself after pushing Upasara, hands grabbed the dart along the arc of a soldier at a time. Owned by the tranquility, the head of the Death god shot. Before the opponent unconscious, the arrow had been shot.

Wuragil gasped. He did not think that cruelty is heard during this Senamata absolutely no proof. Is a character like Senamata, an admiral, can kill a wounded opponent to shoot?
In contrast to Wuragil, Pembarep supervise the arrow to the alert. Good point calculations. Arrow only inches above the head of the god of Death, and go straight to the bush. Followed by the second and third arrows.

From the bushes came the cry moaning. As no one was hurt. Followed by loud shouts, and the three jumped into the middle of the field image. Even more interesting was not the shadow that’s three. But the emergence of dozens of soldiers from behind every bush. It turns around the field was surrounded. In the distance sounded the trumpet sounded loud and cheers sounded amazing-roar bells. Emerging from the east instead of banners, flags are hoisted aloft on purpose.


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