Faith And Islam: Which First?

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Faith and Islam: Which First? – Five pillars of Islam which we already know. The first three should be done by any Muslim. While the latter two only compulsory for Muslims who can afford. The six pillars of Iman also has the same we know. Someone had called the pillars of Islam that has carried out based on ability. Minimum of the first three pillars. Said to be faithful if he had believed that the six pillars of faith. Where once, a Muslim or a believer?

While we say Iman and Islam could be considered each on its own. Because it is between them must be held even though the distinction is not separation. God also called “faith and good works”. Islam’s deeds. Ibn Taymiyyah argued, every believer is Islam, but Muslims do not necessarily believe.

On the basis of Islam and Iman are different and in general it is said that Islam is a testament to the faith, then the reverse statement that Ibn Taymiyyah. Because if Islam as a show of faith then the faith of Islam from the first. Thus the Muslim believer is uncertain. And the Muslims would have been believers. As for the real hypocrite, though he would read a confession of faith, prayer and fasting this because people refer to it as evidence of faith. Because his deeds were not born because of his beliefs but only as a mere ruse. In the case that this is half true statement of Ibn Taymiyya, a Muslim is not necessarily believing.

Faith means to believe. This belief includes three stages. Shall be made orally, the liver and believed to be forwarded to charitable deeds. This is the limits faith by jumhur scholars.

Firqah Jahamiyah, a branch of the Mu’tazilites, beg to differ. Respective ideologies say enough faith in the liver. This opinion was opposed by all Sunni scholars, including Hamka. Pak said Hamka, trust his heart. But the arrogance, envy, status, rank and splendor of blocking them for proving that his beliefs.

Not suffice if the trust in your heart and mouth is called faith because it will not bring salvation. By this definition is broader then the faith of Islam. He was enveloped, and Islam is a part. Therefore they can not be separated. So it is definitely a believer of Islam. According to the words of Ibn Taymiyyah half.

But seen from his statement as a whole there is an impression that Ibn Taymiyyah is included in the ranks Jahamiyah in this matter. Because of his distinction between the Islamic faith rather than the narrow area. Strictly speaking he said Islam is not an element of faith. So he said people do not necessarily believe in Islam. Yet by looking at Islam as the third element of faith (according to restriction by scholars jumhur) and the incidence was because the second element is obvious that Islam is a logical consequence as a result of the second element (the belief in the liver). Like a ladder then oral pledge is the bottom rung, the belief in the hearts of the second rung and charity (Islam) is the third rung. These stairs must be climbed from the bottom. This means that to get to the third rung we have to go through the first and second. The conclusion that people are already in Islam he is a believer.

Iman is composed of three parts of the string-laced. If there is not one of them he has not called faith. The third part is that there are signs the previous sections must already exist. We are more inclined to think of faith and Islam came together. By faith includes Islam and the Muslims is a sign of faith.

Faith can increase and decrease. According to the investigation Hamka, faith and doubt are two circumstances that move together although this one is the opposite of the other. If the faith of 25% means the shadow of doubt and hesitation when it amounted to 75%. If the faith of 50% means 50% free time anyway. And if faith in 100%, there is absolutely no doubt. It is obvious here that faith can increase and decrease.

Faith is like the roots of Islam and some of which grow into a tree. In order for the weak of faith to be strong and grow up with both the charity is a sprinkler. While there are a variety of fertilizer. Like a lot of reading the Koran, read the traditions related to the pole itself is religion and education as a boy. One tradition says the Prophet about one’s faith is perfect marks if he had been able to love his brother as yourself.

Faith tested by God. Kaya is a test of faith. Can we master the means to achieve the benefit of themselves and the public? For the few people who has particularly rich in treasures, most of which have their property. Poor are also trials of faith. What is the patient’s face? New visible presence or absence or weakness of one’s faith is strong when he was confronted with the things that make it difficult. Resilient, or not?

We ourselves can check our faith, or is there still has to go. Is there still have been strong or fragile? Trembling and mind focused on God the hearts of the faithful when the verses of Allah recited.


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