Eldery Nursing Home Care Abuse

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If you have an elderly that are living in a nursing home, or an assisted living home, or has a nurse at home, you should always check for potential abuse. There is prevalent abuse going on in nursing home, and even in some of the biggest hospitals in the US. Abuse is real. I worked for years in a hospital and I see it all the time, even from RN, and MD, and more so from NA. There are many different types of abuse. If you trust healthcare workers, then you’re putting your family at risk. Even the most prestigious institution, there will be abuse of patients.

 They abuse them because they’re helpless, and bound to bed. Most of the patients, can’t talk, or walk, not alert, and therefore are prone for major abuse and neglects. Neglect and abuse are common at most hospitals, even with top management in place. If they can abuse their employees, they can abuse the weak, near death patients, no one is really all that wonderful anyways. They love their paycheck too much. Many seniors told me themselves of how much abuse ethyl get at hospitals and nursing home, they were so afraid of it and I feel bad for them, but you c

an fight it and even sue for a large sum of money too. They should have some sort of punishment so they will learn their lessons and not abuse the vulnerable.  Here is how you can help your elderly to stay away from abuse.

I once saw an NA ripping and pushing the patient to the max against his bed. She tore out his skin, while he was also wearing other types of knots that made him so constraint that he can’t move that much. I saw an NA who did some invasive procedure on a patient and was stuck in the middle of it; she was not allowed to do any invasive procedure on a patient at all. She was fired afterward for it, but just to show you that not all employees do their job as required. Have you heard of NA who rapes crazy patients? It happens all the time. Have you heard of nurses who mercy killed patients? They do it sometimes. Have you heard of nurses who are impaired on drugs and alcohol? They’re sometimes and there are as much as 40 and more licenses being suspended each month for drugs and alcohol, you can check the estate board yourself.


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