Are You Exchanging Money For Love in Your Relationship

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Are you in a bad relationship to the point where you are exchanging money for love? These kinds of relationship exist all the time. Where one person will imitate money and other material to keep love coming. Well, it’s not how love is supposed to be and you might be fooled by the other partner. Love is unconditional and it doesn’t require money and it requires money then it’s not love but a business transaction. Love requires only love. It’s nice to support the one that you love but if love doesn’t come without money then the other person is just using you. I have seen these kinds of relationship before in my life, as a matter of fact; my best friend had a problem with this kind of relationship. People used him for everything that he had. They only want to be his friends so that he can pay for them. I guess he was not that handsome so he pays his way to everything.

If you are in a long term relationship, then this is dangerous because you will run out of money and the dollars are hard to find. You work hard for your money so you don’t have to put it in the love coin machine just for love. There are women out there who would love you for free and if they are using you then they don’t love you because love is not abuse and abuse is not love. They do not love you. They‘re loving your money. I hope that you realize this and go and find yourself a decent woman.

Often time, these kinds of relationship are not normal relationship. They’re often between an unpopular type of person to a popular type of person, like an older man to a younger, beautiful woman, or an older woman to a younger, hot male. They could be in an open relationship where one person is compensated for their companies or sexual relationship. These kinds of relationships exist all the time. If you are a multimillionaire then it’s quiet alright but if you don’t have money then it’s time to examine your relationship and find yourself someone honest. You need to work on your self-esteem. Women love a confident person as well as a confident male. Confidence in yourself without paying your way through it is sexy. You deserve an honest relationship. These kinds of relationship don’t last and you don’t get anything from it anyways.


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