Questions to Ask Before You Get Marry

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Does your partner has OCD or any crazy habits

Believe it or not, but a lot of people out there have crazy habits that you will never be able to live up with, like OCD habits. My family has severe cod and I have to move out and I couldn’t live with any of them. Even a little hair will drive them insane and there will be abuse issues about it. Some people have crazy religious habits that will also drive you insane, like asking you to wake up at 6 to go to church. This is not disabling for me or that God told them to abuse you, such stuff is out of this world but some Middle Eastern people will say things like that, like Allah made them do it.

Are they gay?

Are they gay? You will be surprise when you find out that your mate is bisexual. A lot of people are and they do keep secrets and the next thing you know is that they’re cheating on you with their best friends. You can scan them to make sure that they are attracted to you and want to be with you.

Any addictions

Do they have any crazy addictions problems? Alcohol, drugs and partying will drive anyone nuts. Addictions are out of control. You don’t need a child in your life. Adults are supposed to healthy being and especially if you’re going to be married to someone.

Prenuptial agreement

Will there be one? It better be a yes if you’re wealthy or if you don’t mind giving it half away to your partner. There should always be one if you own assets and many of us do.


Do you have kids already? Do you want kids and how many. How will you take care of them and will one person stay at home. How will you allocate money to take care of them?

Where to live

Where will you live? Will you move out or live with your family? Will you move away? Is it ok with your mate? Do you find jobs where you live currently? Will you two be happy in a new location?

Who pays the bills?

Who will pays what bills in the house? Will you help out your partner or he will take care of you.

How to raise children

Do you have certain religion that you want to raise your children to? How do you raise your children? Will they go to public or private school? What kind of friends they will have?

Who works?

Will one partner stay at home to take car eon the kids? Who will work?


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