Things to do Before You Get Married

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Date as many people as you can

Do you know that your marriage will be healthier if you can date as many people as you can? This is why people don’t cheat or cheat. If you don’t date a lot of people, you will be curious later on and cheat. If you have dated many people, you’re retired then you don’t need to date a lot of people. This is a healthy exercise for you so that you will find your best soul mate but to also fulfill your curiosity for dating many different people, I guess this is something that many men have. They seem to be quiet curious later on in life.

Party wildly

You should party wildly as much as possible, because you might not get to do this when you’re married or at least not with a lot of hot women so does it now. A lot of guys out there don’t party so they regret it later on or try to do it later on and then got caught and then it ruins their relationship. You should go to strip clubs, parties with women, go to nightclubs, bars to get your all of your partying desires out. It will be healthy for you and your marriage later on. When you have a full time job and wife and kids, you can’t go out and party like an animal, and they won’t like it either.

Go on your favorite vacation

You should go on your favorite vacation now. You will not have time to do it later on or even the money. You will be tied to working and your family. You won’t get to do it alone and you might not be able to afford it for your entire family.

Get a new hairdo

You should get a new hairdo and enjoy it, like a green Mohawk. This is good. Mohawk is good. You might not be able to get crazy hair do later on. Sure, you can go ahead and get it red or yellow, just try it out for once in your life. You just need to let it all out, your fashion sense.

Have your own private account hidden

You will need your own account and have it hidden from your shopping crazy wife. She will get her hands on it and she will spend all of it. Your wife need not to know about your hidden account, it’s there for you in case of divorce and for your family’s emergency.


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