Clint Eastwood is superb in Gran Torino

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I don’t really have the words to describe the kind of movie that Gran Torino is. I think it’s the first time I’ve seen something like this. It’s different than any action and drama movies. I’m not really into these kind of movies, but after watching the premiere at Powerplant Mall last night, I think I will reconsider the next time similar movies come out.

Gran Torino is not really drama, not so much of action, but sure has a lot of cussing going on in it! Clint Eastwood is just excellent! The movie is not made as comedy, but a huge chunk in the audience laughed in a number of parts of the movie because he executed the “grumpy old man” image so well. His acting is superb! By the way, he is also the director and producer of the movie.

It’s a drama not because there are heart-breaking lines and tears, BUT because of the progress of the characters along with the story, and the lesson that is REALLY THERE.

It’s an action film not because there are guns and cars (heck, the Gran Torino is the only impressive car in the movie!) BUT how guns were used in the movie and the fear that comes with it, especially the hand gesture of gun-shooting of Clint Eastwood, I love it!

It’s definitely not comedy, but like I said, I found myself with almost everyone in the cinema laughing in a number of scenes because their lines are just so realistic, so truthful, that the only thing left to do is laugh and drop the denials.


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