Senopati Pamungkas – Battle of The Famous Sacred Figures 11

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“In any country, anywhere in the palace, there was a scramble in search of genuine science. And no one knows. That finding was not entitled to say. That does not feel right to find blame and berate that it was all a false report. The edges are found , feel entitled to yell that he who has mastered.

“hard, hard.”

“Rama Guru, if it is teaching martial arts. Why the king in all the countries involved seize look? Or is there a true revelation?”

“It’s hard, hard.”

“Who can answer? Who brought you? Who are the guests of the Opposite? No one knows for sure. Only the news spread that the bird in a certain period of time, a single student of the Overseas guests appeared. Guests of the Opposite is a kind of Messiah awaited community.

“If the palace, not in India, not in Japan, not in China, to question it because they will give guests from Across the revelation.”
“Rama Guru, if we are all stupid? Why believe in the revelation that came from a person and not the sole ruler of this universe? Is…”
“Ah … you do not know anything. How can you tell yourself as a beloved concubine Kertanegara if you do not know that the king was also questioned Guests from Overseas? Dhita …”

When it’s actually been a little Dhita peace with his Master Rama who is always hiding his true identity. Peace to know that Guru Rama is the name of the lord king lightly.

And called names such Jagaddhita Majesty the King had called him. “Even the king that you hold in high skies were certainly always put on a careful ear, when guests come from Overseas. He did not want to lose his throne.

“He would come to her Guests from Overseas. He is the most powerful man was still in doubt. Least still needs to be on guard.

“Dhita, you say My beloved concubine, do not know the history is told, that the first guests of the Overseas’ve come to the land of Java, see a bromocorah (villain) named Ken Arok?”

“If the Lord King Ken Arok, founder of the palace, all too aware without the need to hear directly from the king.”
“Then what’s the difference if all too believe? What is the difference between the King and the masses in this case? The palace is not threatened from Overseas Customers, but the inhabitants of the. It is your king, do not want to see!”
If you’ve talked about this, Rama became angry outstanding teacher. Able for weeks did not make a sound anymore. And then disappeared somewhere. Then came again, and gave lessons to Jagaddhita. Among the lessons learned were discussed also about the question as phrased jaghana.

So now with enough pounding Jagaddhita waiting for an answer for Senamata Karmuka.
Senamata Karmuka staring at the sky. As if the sun’s glare is not an impediment. Then, in a low voice, holding her breath, Senamata Karmuka speak slowly, very slowly.

Suwung (quiet)”

Audible sigh simultaneously. And the heavy breathing of jaghana Pu’un simultaneously. Both are in the same manner salutedSenamata and then stand back.
Now, turn Upasara who feel confused. It’s a bit weird. Jaghana arrested last onslaught on God of Death from Senamata, then pulled out the puzzle. And Senamata answered with words: suwung. Then came a heavy sigh at the same time, and jaghana as well as invited Senamata Pu’un do the will of his heart.

Strange because Upasara Senamata can not see that puzzle seventh eyes should be given to anyone.
Suwung could dare to bare, empty, lonely, lonely, So what to do with the puzzle that was brought up?
“Kisanak called great god of Death, I can not obstruct or resist anymore. Maybe that fate must be endured.” Death gods spat on the ground.

“This new theater called the worst. You want to play keroyok, please. You want to kill me, do it. Why use a play puzzles of all kinds? Do you think I worship the God of Death will extend the life of you for?”
“Perhaps Senamata dear, will forgive Kisanak, if you want to treat Kisanak Dimas Upasara.”
Upasara is still feeling some of her body rigid. Driven hard to the left. Several times it tried to break through the air and navel, but it seemed to pierce the wall hard rock.
“For what? Boy had hurt my grandson and I hurt him. Who is still in debt?”


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