Senopati Pamungkas – Battle of The Famous Sacred Figures 10

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“All men are brothers. All word of God the Master. More than that, Niriti is my guest. As with all of you are honorable.

I really do not see the guests in the mood to die here. Sorry, Kisanak, I’m just a hick who do not understand good manners. “
“Hmmm, so you’re from College Cloud?”
“I did not dare to say this. I live in this village. Jaghana my name.”
Jaghana again saluted by nodding his head.
Senamata Karmuka his head. “All my life I have never granted another person contrary to my own. So for now I have to do anything else?”

His tone was still describing the incredible arrogance. The way to look up a truly personal pride.

“Death, like birth are the property of Sovereign singles. We are a small and humble servant, had no power to intervene.”
“Hmmm. It’s good, Kisanak. I was only able to do despicable and small. Killing people who have hurt others who are being helped.
Tell whether this intervention is what you will of god-call? ”

“I apologize for that. Mistakes are human nature, little can be a big mistake. May be repeated once. However, if we feel the morning air, we are aware.”

“That was good too. But I still want to kill him. Except in one attack he could reply, it was his good fortune. If in one of these attacks can even throw a rat poison, that’s my good fortune. Am I not fair?”

“Kisanak… Will Kisanak help me? I have one problem that I can never finish. Please Kisanak guide”.

Suddenly jaghana cross-legged on the ground. Sigh stuck in the chest. his eyes
closed. One hand raised, left hand was still in knee pads.
Only the right hand was a little thrilled, the rest all members of such bodies do not contain empty.

Pu’un gawk. He did not think at all jaghana be so respectful attitude. And how to salute exactly as it always did.

Pu’un unnoticed took the same attitude.
“… Kisanak,” jaghana voice remained soft, but everything on the ground could hear the clear and soft. “There is one family that all eyes are blind. A husband to his wife, and two women-in-law. A single mother of the husband, the wife of one mother. One day they walked together. The blind man was found stuff on the road.Goods wrapped it when it is opened seven eyes.

So the husband was put on two, the wife put on two. One given in-law, one given to his own mother. And the problem is only one eye. Kisanak, to whom should it be given eyes? Her own mother, or the law? ”

The present open-mouthed.

“Why only seven in number?” Wuragil shouted angrily. Jagaddhita, though feel strangeness, but does not remove the question. This is a kind of puzzle that used to be a part of religious questioning.
That said, how to ask and how to respond in a manner as shownby jaghana and Pu’un.

Actually, when Upasara Wulung caught throwing dagger with two hands before, had made ​​Pu’un surprised the hell out. That’s just as well with the movement of One Hand Clapping. Pure movement is taught by questions and answers like this. Like right now, just raise your one hand.

If Pu’un astonishment, it is understandable. Because he rarely had never even traveled. Rarely met with opponents of sciencesilatnya diverse but instead a sense of surprise was doubled when there is pure science silat that matched exactly. And thisis the basic motion. Jagaddhita other. Since its escape from the palace, Jagaddhita always wandering. He is also a teacher who is strange, but very broad knowledge. Only now he remembered one of the first described. One Hand Clapping about science.

According to the owner of the story, the science that comes from the Jambu Dwipa or Indian lands. But had a very different process of development; well in the land of the Emperor of the Sun, Japan, or in the derivative god, China. Development in both countries were very much different. Although the possibility can still be found on the roots of equations. Jagaddhita still remember the words his teacher, “The wind was everywhere. Dhita. On a hill in the field, at sea, in the cave. Outside the body and in the body. But a different existence. Wind can be cool, could make the body sick, and could become hurricane . that is the essence of One Hand Clapping. Science is so simple, so that all the most stupid people can understand it. But also so difficult, so that all the smartest people were not able to master fully. Since long the masters of the universe is devoted to studying .


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