TWILIGHT and Edward Cullen

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Yes, I am taken away by the strongest current to ever hit the movie scene this year! Robert Pattinson seems like a sweet version of a contemporary vampire. He is just as hot a vampire as Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise in the movie Interview with A Vampire. I love that movie too! I love Kirsten Dunst there, she’s still so little!

From a POV of someone who has yet to read the book, the movie is just A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! They were able to establish “Edward Cullen” very well in the movie, I can hear the girls screaming already right before they see him on screen. They didn’t dwell so much on vampire details, but was able to illustrate more than enough to distinguish the whole vampire family. I love the baseball game scene I swear! The music is also appropriate for the scenes. I love the music in the baseball scene too! I love Alice! She is just captivating.

I never knew that anyone can top the sweetness of my guy. I guess ONLY a vampire such as Edward Cullen can surpass a human, just because Edward Cullen jumps from one tree to another, plays the piano, and likes to slow dance. Twilight is the kid of movie that would really make you envy about the kind of love that this vampire has for a human. Makes all girls think that only a vampire is capable of loving like that. But I dont think so. And yet, Edward is just the most gorgeous vampire as of now!


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