Senopati Pamungkas – Battle of The Famous Sacred Figures 9

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For Upasara, this attack is the final blow. Because it was impossible to avoid and impossible to prepare the next attack. Upasara chest feel tight at all. Tremendous heat. His vision so blurry. The strength of the one part that is not capable of supporting its body rigid.

Upasara like bent. Be born to his heart can stand, but still not able to. Her body rolled over. Death Gods suffered no less severe. Labor strikes in Upasara able to break through to the very heart. Grandma was so. After fighting for so long, Death Gods power is pretty much depleted. Kim just less than half the power used. defenses can be breached. “You’re all rotten demons. Play brawl like a mutt.” Has not completed his ravings, his lips red as blood.

Meanwhile, from a litter out of a man high. Nobility clothing is so beautiful and charming. His face was not so visible because of wea Irah-irahan or crown-shaped ornament.
“Facing fellow tyke, what did she care to play keroyok (an attack by Overwhelming numbers) or not.”
“You named commander of the Useless. Useless you Singasari admiral palace, that dare to attack from behind.” Death gods to remove the red liquid from his mouth. Partially exposed to bursts of white hair.
“Right now it is all here, let them see who is male and who is bad.Let go forth, Commander.”
“You know, I do not care about manners. For me, kill you, when sick or victorius,  what’s the difference? You know what I considered to be the commander of the difference between a human or foul? You know that. Everyone knows that. Senamata Karmuka not manly. Senamata Karmuka rotten people who became king farts. Lickers big, that’s actually my title. Nan, you’re still not satisfied. Let abused again. “”No wonder so stuffy palace. Contents snot just this way. Hah. It does not presume. I thought a big licker is the name fool around. Just because it dared to be sent anywhere and would rather be a fart, so the title was received. No him do so. “
“It’s been quite satisfied? If so, I’ll kill you, so you die with a little sense of relief.”

Now virtually all the fighting stops. Lives are being urged Senamata Karmuka Death Gods. All the attention fixed on them. Including Jagaddhita who feel confused because Gendhuk Tri still is not free from the influence of magic Pu’un. If others be abused like that, must have been furious.

However, Senamata Karmuka usual. Laughter is not, nor wrath. Just calm. Sycophant large degree, big farts, had long become a talking point. Not only in the palace, but also extends to the community Singasari.
Ridicule was heard from the king of Sri Kertanegara many troops out of Java. Accompaniment for the procession departed. The senopati sent to various parts of Java and all across the country.

The senopati whose level as Senamata, virtually everyone was sent outside the palace. However, this Karmuka Senamata another. May be said he never left the palace. When the great insurrection, Senamata Karmuka prefer the boundary wall of the palace guard. If the rebels ran out, it’s not his anymore. That the king who likes to send
expedition did not send Senamata Karmuka, that was the beginning of the allegations of flattery. Fart such scorn, for it to poke fun actually. Fart even after exit will be away in the wind. While Senamata still exist around the palace.

If now Senamata Karmuka to be in College Cloud, it may be said to have been remarkable. Moreover, along with four other senopati.

There must be events that are considered important in terms of safety and the state.
“Come out all you want to tell. I was given the opportunity to link the two. Two, not three. God of Death recede two acts.
Up the energy within. Focused concentration. But it was hard to control. Dispersed either absorbed to an extent. Much attention is absorbed into the pain.
“Old bastard.”
“Two …”
“Come kill me. Let the world see …”
“One …”

Senamata Karmuka raised his hand aloft. Like to tap the mosquitoes. But all are aware that it could take a life pat.

“Wait, Kisanak.…” There was a soft voice. Jaghana forward slightly, saluted by nodding his head. “If I may submit a proposal, and if Kisanak still have time to listen….”
“What’s with you people?”


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