Senopati Pamungkas – Battle of The Famous Sacred Figures 8

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Actually, despite the high god of Death knowledgeable, he would not have to fight four senopati and two wanderers from Semeru at once. Precisely because the two groups faced an opponent who could put together a neat chain attacks. And particularly difficult to penetrate. Just because two of unity, so for the God of Death can still survive. If he’d intended to invade into the sedan, now the center of attention shifted to face the opponent while looking at the atmosphere.

And on the other hand, Upasara approached Padmamuka. He was wrong. Because of Padmamuka dagger. In his heart.Upasara have different judgments between Padmamuka and theGod of Death. Although both are equally well-known evil, but still different levels. Maybe if Upasara know his background became more confident. That the God of Death has a big disappointment in his life because of someone else.

While Padmamuka, since birth he had felt the injustice of the world to himself. His in born defects. If the relationship is very close to the God of Death, Death was due to God was the one who really pay attention to him.
But without knowing the background of this matter. Upasara can weigh yourself. That since its first appearance. he got theimpression that the pitiful attitude Padmamuka display. Behind the rosy face, behind the smile of her baby. such as hiding the pain.
“Come, help me to let go.”
Padmamuka looked Upasara. Such as weighing. But the young man’s eyes so innocent. The eyes were bent close. With menotok (lightly pressing) of blood on the back roads, Upasara trying to stop her gushing blood and simultaneously reduce pain. Only then, pull out a dagger with a tug.
Padmamuka issued a short groan. Upasara pulled something out of the sack. Isika similar powder, which mixed a kind of grass thatch countryman. Upasara isika powder sprinkled into the wound Padmamuka.
“Soon will dry up.”

That a good martial arts to bring the type of drugs are not uncommon. Moreover, this trip has been planned, so Upasara already preparing his needs. A little strange is the attitude Upasara. Had just fought a matter of survival. Now even help with the treatment of opponents.
How to think like this do not make sense instead of a Death God. Since Upasara closer look and pulled out dagger, Padmamuka heard moaning, and Upasara dusted, the God of Death must have changed his mind-countrymen that the pain-reducing medication. Then spontaneously practiced stepping back The Gods Death deposits. Like the people who jumped into the river. His body slid half a turn like a banana shape.

Upasara had no idea. Expecting no attack, and did not expect attacks the opponent can get to him. The distance is still a long way, but the scolding hand removing a thin hiss. There was no time to escape. The only way is to submerge his head. But opponents attacks directed toward his shoulder.

Upasara bear the pain with a clenched jaw. He refused to issue a whimper or a groan. Trying to avoid some of the acts, the left side of his entire body went numb. Unsteady pace. God of Death and it does not stop with one attack. Once planted on the ground. Is directly sent straight attack. Upasara reverse. One hand raised to accept blow from the God of Death. It was not his equal. Even the most prepared state was no match for God of Death Upasara. Because of this power in a matter of pitting. Which may hurt from within. If not careful, the consequences could be fatal (severe injury). Lifelong disability. And for the martial, is the most horrible thing if you can not play silat (martial arts indigenous to Java) again.

But before he went on blow, God of Death shifted his body, his hand moved to the back and shouted angrily. An arrow hard deflected by it. While one hand again collided hard with Upasara.
Death gods only use four-tenths of its power to pitted, but six-tenths to fend off the arrows that lead to the throat. Due to deflect the arrows of more attention than Upasara blow. The result was unexpected!

The arrow was not as good as he had expected. Can be deflected easily. While the collision energy of hard pounding Upasara hand. Upasara hand blow very hard and jerking. That’s probably the difference in power in those who had experienced. On the Death god, the power distribution as it did not flinch Upasara. Usually wavy increasingly large. Because if exerting full force. and more powerful opponents, can be an all-out. Really going to hurt inside. Loss of all the contents of the chest and stomach.


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