Senopati Pamungkas – Battle of The Famous Sacred Figures 7

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The Gods of Death hand move faster. Vibrations of the air pressure becomes increasingly severe. The first time was interrupted breathing Senopati Suro, this pressure if ongoing. Senopati Suro will lose self-control. Movement is simply slid from exercise or any rote and more shut down. It’s no longer play the motion in accordance with the existing situation. Not attack the opponent’s weakness and exploit deficiencies. This is a critical moment.

The Gods of Death however still higher level. In addition, it includes the movement and tactics different from those grown in the ground. Gods of Death would rather spend the rest of his life on the boat. By itself the most influential environmental situation. So in some ways, its variations and unpredictable moves.

At the time managed to guess too, was greatly distressed. This all still needs to be added that the God of Death can take advantage of the situation. Not just a master tricks are played, but can be read. Even though he is far more eloquent, troublesome enough that also serves four senopati who have similar abilities. The only way is an urgent one to really be on the verge of defeat. And that is done by the God of Death.

“Tole, I finish one by one.”
At that time, the sinking Pu’un incredible. He did not presume that Jagaddhita did not pull away. He was forced to leap into the future-because of his back to the Jagaddhita-like tree collapsed. And Gendhuk Tri residing on his shoulders, raised to the top.

Not too difficult for Jagaddhita to achieve Gendhuk Tri through the shawl. Once the appeal, Gendhuk Tri body changes direction. With one lap short, Gendhuk Tri to close Jagaddhita and immediately embraced by the good. Jagaddhita utter a short spell, then rubbed her face Gendhuk Tri.

But apparently the influence of magic Pu’un. do not just disappear. Jagaddhita wiped twice, but the results are worth it. Tri Gendhuk still dazed and his eyes drifted just empty.
While elsewhere, the unexpected happened. When swung before, your body will Wilada like crashing hard. Three had been wandering Mount Semeru as spectators. Since Wuragil manipulated by GendhukTri, they are so completely wrong.

But Pembarep does have the properties of a pure warrior. See someone suffering and are treated unfairly, he was moved. It’s just that he can not help with his own hands because he was not sure who helped, including the opponent or a friend. Then by channeling energy in, he patted his shoulder Panengah. Panengah itself, since it had been prepared. Then it got a boost,direct setting foot firmly on the ground, and the next moment his body floated, to meet the body Wilanda. 

Because it is not possible to capture it perfectly, Panengah throwing the body’s Wilanda into the sky again. With one smooth motion, Pembarep capture without shifting his feet. Only now Upasara sure that they are gathered in this field, each has major advantages. Although only a single blow. what is shown by Pembarep and Panengah pretty great. Cooperation is highly integrated. As if only one will be.

Pembarep felt his body receives a strange sense of warmth. Come and go, and the fishy smell. The new body he realized that he was carrying suffered from a malignant poisoning.
“God of Death, we beg netralizing drug for this brother.” his voice remained calm and gentle when lowering the body Wilanda. Wuragil was the first attack to the Gods of Death. “Brother Mbarep, let me Adik who took his own.”

Panengah also arrange direct attack from different directions. Death god who was grilling Senopati Suro so desperate for a while. If he’d thought it could conquer Senopati Suro, other so now. Waist so badly targeted. Competed with his left hand Wuragil turning toward the opponent’s hand Pembarep attack. By moving the power, the pressure in the direction of Senopati Suro to be reduced a lot. Senopati Suro swiftly break free from pressure, breathing the air is very much in his chest, concentrate, and strike back.



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