Why Games Don’t Work in Relationship

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If you have dated then you have played games before to get what you want, it’s just a normal process of dating and it’s hard to avoid it, and more so if you’re in a problematic relationship. When people are in a problematic relationship, they will tend to play more games. They have to get what they want somehow. It will lead to more problems but they try to save their relationship with games or try to end their relationship with games. People are all about games in a relationship that is going badly. People tend to play less in a good relationship. Games will hurt your relationship in the end and honestly will help you survive your worst days. Here are some reasons why games are not good in a relationship.

Games are dishonest

Games are often dishonest, because if it’s honest, it wouldn’t be called games. You’re deceiving the person to get what you want or to control them with your fames. Like women use sex to control men and men use money to control women, they’re all a game, or they flirt with others to get you jealous. Games are dishonest and they should be avoided at all cost. Your partner is intelligent and they will pick up your games, and too often, can lead to them breaking down from frustration or they will look at you like you’re a piece of game.

Bad indication of a bad relationship

Games are bad indication of a relationship. It says that the relationship is not going well. If it’s going well, you don’t need to use game to keep your partner. If it’s going good, there is no reason for you to play games anyways. You will get things your way. Usually, a really bad relationship needs games to keep it together. They will do whatever it takes in order to keep the relationship. A lot of men would start abusing the woman in order to punish them for things that they’re unhappy with in a relationship. A lot of men would cheat just to make the other partner jealous or to revenge them. There are a lot of toxic games for relationships out there but you must take caution, since you can destroy your relationship forever with it. My ex used to talk about other women to keep me in check. He would try to make me jealous or put me down just so I couldn’t get what I want and feel badly about myself so he can get what he wants. Ultimately, it ended quickly because it was a bad relationship based on games.

Lead to fights

Games will often make your partner angry and it will lead to fights. You will fight a then it will end your relationship. Games and fights go hand in hand and some fight can be life threatening so please don’t play games. If you invite your female friends over to piss off your girlfriend, you will get something in your head and I’m not sure what it will be, like a brick. Ok, it will piss her off, then she will fight with you, and she might even end your relationship. Games have their consequences and no games come with any consequences.

Lead to more games

Games will often lead to more games, because at some point, your relationship will only be stable if it’s based on games. Games will ultimately make your relationship one based on games and lies.

Deception of another person

Often, you will be deceptive to keep your mate, to play whatever games that is to keep your mate. I saw Vanessa Bryant showing up to visit him after the divorce, where she got $75 million, it’s a game. It’s a game saying to the mistress that she is still in the picture and she’s going to get them back. She want sot makes them jealous.


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