How to Give Birth to a Healthy Baby

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The parent health

The parents must be in good health at the time of producing the fertilization. Parents who do drugs, or have significant health problems might pass it on to their child. Genetics play big factors in the development of the fetus. If the parents have STDs, it will also cause complication of child birth, but it will also pass on to the baby, like HIV, and other STDs.

Prenatal care

You must consult with a doctor when you find out that you’re pregnant. This is the best chance of you doing everything that will be healthy for your child. If you don’t visit a doctor, you might make irreversible mistakes for the child; bandit could harm them or end their life. It’s very important that you talk to a doctor, get prenatal care and screenings.

Avoid harmful agents

It’s an absolute must that you have to avoid harmful agents like certain medications, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, second hand smokes, and the bad fume in the environment. These harmful fumes can cause harm to the fetus, and it could cause you to have a miscarriage. You can end up with an abortion or still death of the fetus, but rare case will applies. You must be safe for your child. The best person to talk to is a doctor.

Avoid medication

Medication is very harmful for your fetus. Most medications have to be avoided, this is why you should talk to your doctor and see which medications you should discontinue taking. Drugs are an absolute no as well as alcohol. Chemicals are always harmful to the fetus, so make sure that you talk all about it with your doctor. I see some pregnant women going to nightclub, where there are second hand smoke, and they are also exposed to alcohol, which is not the thing to do.

Talk to your doctor

You should talk to your doctor about your pregnancy and medication. You should talk to them and avoid certain medication and alcohol. This is the best part in prenatal as only your doctor can go into detail to help you achieve the best outcome for your child.

Prescreen the fetus

You can do ultrasound to prescreen the fetus. The doctor will tell you if there are any abnormalities with the fetus. This is the best part in prenatal care so that you can detect problems in your babies.


You can always get an abortion if you see way too much problems with the fetus, or if the fetus doesn’t have a survival chance. It’s always is an option. It’s better than the fetus borth with no mouth or no eyes.


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