Evolution Versus Creation

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Evolution and creation are two hotly debated topics all over the world. It seems like we all have accepted evolution and creation very well. There are many religious people on this Earth, as well as many who believe in Evolution. Evolution has scientific merits and you can go back and trace back fossils and records for each claim. Even so, with so many scientific evidence, we still have so many unexplained mysteries of life, that only creation can answer them. This is when the Church steps in. Evolution is no doubt a part of human and other life here on Earth. We see it and we can trust it in to a certain extent. Look at the Giraffe neck, they said that’s evolution at work, the Giraffe must have a long neck to the leaves for food, so over time, it extends longer.

 People who drink milk, have enough nutrition are taller and in better health than those who are not sufficient in those things like those in the East. Human health is also a part of evolution. We are living longer NAD longer nowadays. The life expectancy is now over one hundred years old and this is a lesser number about fifty years ago. Scientific research has helped elongate our life expectancy and I believe that we will have many more surprises in the future. We can clone you or fix outsell in a way that will allow us to live longer nowadays. This is evolution or the evolution of science. Our daily advancement is evolution at work. We now no longer use video tapes, or pagers, or wash clothes with our own hands. Everything is based on technology nowadays. We can’t live without it. I believe that we will even have chips installed in us later on that will make us like bionic people that would be fun.

I no doubt believe that evolution plays a big part in human lives and advancement. We can proof some of it too so there isn’t a lot of doubt about it either. We study about it in college. It must be widely accepted in order for it to appear in a textbook. We study about homo sapien and we study about our common ancestors. I do see a lot of link there, but it doesn’t mean that there aren’t any missing links to them. I was watching a video and one of the people was arguing that although we have common characteristics with Homo sapiens, but it doesn’t mean that we are derived from them. We could have the same designer. The record of fossils has flaws in them and there many missing links, so it’s not sure to say that we are derived from apes or that we were once ape.

I no doubt believe in evolution, but I don’t think that evolution is the creator itself. There must be more to the Earth and the Universe than just evolution in itself. I believe in the Grand designer. My friend once told me, if a dog believes that God looks like him, then God is an animal. So, if a human think that God looks him, then God is a human, but God might not be in the same form as us, since he’s our designer and ultimately more powerful than us. I could design a piece of clothing, but the clothing doesn’t know that I design it, the clothing is not in my same reality and it will never be. I’m different from it and I think this is the same way with the spiritual supernatural. They’re in different realities than us, and I don’t know if we will have a chance to meet up with them either.

There are as many believers of Creation as Evolution, so there must be some basis as to why people would want to believe in it. Mankind has always yearned to worship since the ancient civilization, so there must be someone there for us to year to. Why would people have that yearning, and who put it in our mind, if there were no one there for us to look up too. Spirituality or religion has made people good for the most part so it’s a good thing if they live a religious life. Evolution made people like Stalin, and Hitler. They did not care for people at all. I believe that we have to give the benefit of the doubt to our Creator, wherever he is and whoever he is, since we do not know and he will forgive us because he hid from us. However, I believe that people should believe in both evolution and creation since the two are not completely absolute without the other one.


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