Where to Have a Great Wedding in California

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Catalina Island

Catalina Island is an island in the middle of nowhere in California. This is a magnificient place to have a wedding. There are plenty of spaces for you to do your ceremony. They have a lot of free space where you can do as you wish, I don’t think that you will be charged for them. There are also hotels out there just in case you want to throw a party out there. They have nightclub for you to party afterward. They have restaurants for you to throw parties. They have the water sports for you to enjoy and boating too. They’re a heavenly site and you will not be disappointed.

Mile Square Park

If you live near Fountain Valley, you would love to have a wedding here. The park is lovely but also has plenty of space for you to throw your wedding here. They have a lovely pond, where you can take fabulous photos here. The park also has plenty of plants and tree which makes excellent background for weddings and photographs.

San Francisco

San Francisco might be known as one of the most romantic spot in California to have a wedding; many couples go here for their wedding photos. San Francisco has many romantic spots hat you will be amazed, like the Golden Gate Bridge and the town. The bay is also very mesmerizing for photos. You will have a beautiful wedding here.

Irvine Lake

Irvine Lake is also another heavenly lake for a wedding. You will love the photos here. It’s located in Irvine, Orange County. Many people go here for a romantic date.

Crystal Cathedral

Crystal Cathedral is a well known church for people of Christian faith in Orange County. It’s located in Orange, CA. You will love the church and it’s gorgeous enough for a wedding. Your marriage will be blessed here.

Malibu beach

Malibu beach is one of the most beautiful beach in Los angels and also very upscale. You will love it here. You will love the hills surrounding it, and maybe you can find a spot for photos up there, but definitely, you will adore Malibu Beach. It’s the home of many celebrities.

Newport Beach

Newport Beach is another heavenly city to have a wonderful wedding. This place is upscale, the home of many celebrities. There are many wonderful views here, for photos and for a wedding.

Corona Del Mar

Corona Del Mar is also another heavenly place for a wedding, because of the lovely views here, mountain tops and lovely beach landscape.

Laguna Nigel

Laguna Nigel is also another beautiful place in CA. it’s magical with many beautiful landscape and beach.


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