How Important is Personal Selling?

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Most organizations already have some form of organized salespeople long before they introduce a formal marketing activities as described in this book. Nevertheless, the management reps are marketing management often ignored. There are several possible reasons. One is that not all product managers and marketing managers who have had personal experience in sales or management roles salespeople in being before; as a consequence, these managers often underestimate the importance of an efficient personal sales.

Another reason why the power management penjua overlooked is that the salesperson themselves sometimes push the distinction between sales and marketing which aggravate the situation, by describing themselves as “infantry.” Besides, is not something that is pretty daunting when dealing with consumers with variety of temperament, as compared to sitting quietly in an office surrounded by a wide variety of marketing surveys, charts, and plans? Thought so highly misleading. Unless there has been a form of a structured marketing plan carefully before a salesman tried to persuade consumers to buy, the possibility of successful sales to be very small.

Difference that is considered true among the “theory” marketing and “practice” sales will be felt not just when someone realized that the sale is profitable not only depend on the individual consumer and the individual products, but also on a group of consumers (ie, market segments) and the relationship of mutual support antarproduk (ie a structured product portfolio carefully). Another factor to consider in this context is the need for organizations to constantly think about where the next sale will be extracted, rather than concentrating only on products, customers, and current issues only. Personal selling is an important part of the marketing process.

Based on our experience, many companies lack the professionalism and planning on their salespeople. Salespeople often have absolutely no idea tenteng product or group of consumers which should be the center of their attention, not many understand the competition that occurs, do not properly preparing for sales presentations, rarely talks about the benefits to consumers, not working hard to close the bargain- bargaining has commenced, and often talks without clear goals. Even worse, marketing management seldom aware that an important and expensive element of the marketing mix is ​​just not managed effectively.

The fact that many organizations that have separate departments and esekutif for sales and marketing activities enhance communication failure as above. Research shows that more money is spent by companies for their sales personnel expenses rather than for spending on advertising and sales promotion are merged together. Thus, personal selling is an important and expensive element of the marketing mix.

The solution to the problems of poor manajenen salespeople can be found only in the understanding that personal selling is an important part of the marketing process. These activities should be planned and well considered the same as in other elements. Is a good idea for managers responsible for marketing for a visit to the region it manages at least one week every year and try to persuade consumers to make the order. This method is a good step to find out what consumers really think about the company’s marketing policy.


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