Laptop Overheating

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laptops contain a lot of electronic components that can generate a lot of heat ,for that raison all laptops contain an internal cooling system that it ‘s based on using air flow to cool a heatsink attached to the component but sometimes even if the cooling system works well the laptop  can be exposed to the danger of overheating due to many factors like 

                                                              when laptop is placed 

placing laptop on the bed or on soft area is very dangerous because that will soffocates the vents under the bottom of the laptop ,the air  that the fan blows into inside will not come in , so the laptop will heat up quikly ,when laptop is placed  in dusty envirenements the dust  accumulation on the fan might cause it to sping slowly also th result can  be a clogged heatsink that will not let air come in .

                                                             incompatable software

every internal materiel works using a proper driver ,if the driver is not compatable the result will be a misfunction of the hardware ,some of incompatable drivers push hardware to works in  full charge causing it to degage  more heat .

                                                             when laptop is more used 

using laptop in hot days of summer can make it prone to overheating even if the cooling system works well because the air used to cool the laptop is already hot ,so avoid using the laptop when the temperature is high ,i prefer using my laptop in the night because the air is very  cool  at the night and i can ensure you the laptop stay cool .

                                                           applications run on the laptop

using the laptop mainly for graphics aplications that put a full load on the cpu and the gpu can be dangerous ,the laptop will heat up more faster if ther’s an anomaly in the cooling system the gpu is prone to permanent damage ,so if you ‘re a fun of games try to buy a fix computer with seperate graphics card and enjoy playing without risking anything .

                                                         devices connected to the laptop

every external device connected to the laptop puts an aditional charge on the electronics componenets inside the laptop making it heating up more quikly ,so be careful about  the type of devices you plug in ,don’t branch a lot of devices in the same time ,

                                                                  manifacturing defects

overheating can  result from  poor design ,some laptops don’ t have enough vents to allow free air flow ,some manifucturers use some components that generate a lot of heat like nvdia graphics card that are more prone to damage ,the problem shows up  in hp pavillon series DV6000 and DV7000,some manifacturers have faillerd to provide adequate cooling systems .



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