Aparajita The Miracle Plant

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The Aparajita:

Aparajita means “The Undefeated”. This plant is a trailing creeper with the usual Indigo Blue colour flowers and the rare White ones which is more of a pale cream with a hint of green at the edges. In Kerala it is called the Sankhu Pushpam  or Conch Shell flower although it hardly resembles a Conch shell. It actually resembles a quaint Snapdragon flower with it’s front open. Graphically it represents the cutout of an inverted womb. May be that explains their close affinity to Indian Midwives, particularly the White variety.

The Midwife Connection:

Ayurvedic practitioners are at a loss to explain this plant’s Miraculous properties, particularly how it’s root when merely tied as a garland or waistband around an expectant mother’s neck or waist, facilitates Normal Childbirth even when a Caesarean Surgery is predicted! The roots of the White Aparajita are tied as an amulet or charm around the waist about seven days before the scheduled delivery date. How this root facilitates a miraculous and safe normal delivery is beyond scientific explanation. I can easily connect with this plant some 54-years back, during my childhood in Kerala. My late uncle had an abundance of these plants, both Blue and White in his garden and it was frequented by local Midwives of the area. Of course they used to take permission and one of them, a square-faced woman with heavy hips was identified as a Hindu Midwife, Devaki. Now I understand that they used to come for collecting this plant’s roots for facilitating a client’s normal childbirth. Some months back when our Electrician mentioned his brother’s wife having to be hospitalised for a Caesarean, I suggested that he opt for the age-old proven remedy –The Aparajita. Sure enough after four days the woman had a Normal Childbirth, foxing the Surgeon who was expecting a Caesarean! This Miracle Power of the Clitoria ternatea to convert a sureshot Cesarean into a Normal Delivery must be a headache for  modern Professional Obstetricians who rely more on Caesareans these days.

Clitoria ternatea Linn:

This miracle plant, both the blue and white varieties are present in my garden patch. The white one in the front porch is now sprucing up for spring and is presently without flowers. The blue ones were mistakenly uprooted by a plumber working in our yard, however, their seeds have been planted and is expected to spring into life during the monsoon. This plant’s medicinal use extends to cure of certain poisonous snakes’ bites, and mixed with other herbs is a potent cure for depression. Ayurvedic practitioners use the leaves, flowers, stems and roots for preparation of their remedies. The roots are also a sure cure for intermittent fevers which never get healed. Talking of Feng Shui, having an Aparajita in the house compound gives the House an Invincible Aura which transcends on to it’s inhabitants as well.


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