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English is also a language like any other language. But the difference is that English is an international speaking language and that is what makes the difference as you need to know this language for communication in many countries worldwide. Here are some basics which can help you to improve your English skills. 

People from non-English speaking countries find it very difficult to cope up with the English language as they don’t take it as a language first. They take it as a subject which has to be studied well to score more. And that is where they do mistakes. If they learn it like their mother tongue, they would easily get it done. 

You should start reading newspapers, magazines and novels in English and that too regularly on a daily basis. Reading makes one understand the language more and more. The written language is actually the purest form of any language as you all know because we don’t use exact language while speaking. We actually mould it. But reading regularly makes one perfect to understand a language. 

You should buy an advanced learner dictionary for reference of the meanings and usage of the words. It is always necessary to know the meanings of each and every general word of a language so that we never fall short of words while speaking. So whenever you are reading something from anywhere, take a dictionary and simultaneously look for the meanings of each and every word that you find confusing or unknown to you. It is very important in undertsanding a language. 

Another basic point is you never feel confident of any language till you speak it with anyone or in front of anyone. It is compulsory that you start speaking in Engish more frequently so as to get comfortable with the language. If you feel shy to speak in front of others at the starting, start speaking in front of a mirror for at least 5 to 10 minutes a day and then slowly start coversing in English with others. Speaking more and more English is the best solution to learn English faster. 

Also start watching English movies and listen to english songs. This makes you fell better and undertsand more and more English. The reason why I am suggesting you to do this is that generally people find it interesting to watch a movie or listen to some music. So why not English movies and English songs. 

These are some basics which can help you out in learning English faster for sure. 


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