Nova Scotia Hydroponics Is Growing In Popularity

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If you want to have a garden and a backyard isn’t available to you where you can grow an outdoor garden, or if you live in an area of the world that makes outdoor growing difficult or impossible then a great alternative is to have a Nova Scotia Hydroponics indoor garden. You can enjoy the experience and reap the benefits of growing your own fruits and vegetables or flowers while doing away with the need for a large outdoor growing area.

In the case of hydroponics you can completely do away with the need for soil. If done properly indoor hydroponic gardening will produce bigger yields, higher nutrition values and tastier produce that what you might get in any traditional garden. Growing indoors comes with its own set of hurdles and challenges.

Lighting – Because your plants are indoors they won’t be receiving the natural sunlight that normally help plants to grow. For your plants to survive and prosper you will need to provide to provide adequate artificial light. This is where many people go wrong because not just any light bulb or lamp will do. The common household light bulb provides only white light with either a hint of red or a hint of blue to adjust the colour temperature for aesthetic purposes.

Sunlight provides the full spectrum of light colours. In order to more closely replicate sunlight you need to purchase high pressure sodium (HPS) and metal halide (MH) horticultural grow lights. These lights offer wavelengths in the areas of red and blue spectrum to imitate the seasonal differences in the light emitted by the sun. These lights will provide what is required to stimulate photosynthesis during both the vegetative (MH) and flowering (HPS) phases of development.

Watering – With an outdoor soil based garden there is a lot of room for any errors in over or under watering. Soil holds water very well so it can store water during dry periods and gradually allow the plants to soak it up and when it is over watered there is usually space for run off of any excess.

It also has good drainage characteristics so excess water has far less chance of causing root rot. With indoor soil based plants in small containers or Nova Scotia Hydroponic systems there is far less room for errors. Both over and under watering will cause serious problems so you need to watch out for the signs of each.

Nutrients – High quality soil contains all the nutrients that a plant needs to thrive. Sadly it’s almost impossible to find high quality soil. If you’re growing indoors or outdoors with hydroponics then you will be supplying the nutrients your plants require. You will be learning how to mix nutrient solutions and how to recognize signs of nutrient problems before they cause irreversible damage to your plants.

Environment – Indoor growing provides one huge advantage in that you can do it anywhere. It can be done in sub-zero temperatures or in areas of drought or anywhere in the world where the climate or environment makes it difficult or impossible to grow plants. This also leaves you responsible for creating a grow room with a suitable environment for growth. Regular monitoring of temperature and humidity will be required and you will also need to make any necessary adjustments.

Odors – Although the odors produced in a grow room may not actually have an adverse effect upon your plants, the smells can be unpleasant for you. When you grow outdoors the odors are quickly dissipated by the movement of fresh outdoor air however in an enclosed or closed off grow room they can accumulate. Nova Scotia hydroponics gardens if kept clean will have very little objectionable odor.


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