Kinds of Web Hosting

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Free hosting:- Some of ISP giving facilities to free web hosting. Personal and small size and low quantities few traffic site can take this advantage.They can use that types of free hosting, but high traffic or original real business site can not never use this free hosting facilities. There tactical support are very few or poor and tactical options are also very few.
Some times you can not use your domain name which keep free hosting.your host given you a name which can use you like site name html. This is tough to types and hard to remember and not very much professional also.

Now i say about the advances of free hosting:-
01) It is free so cost in low
02)Personal or family or for hobby it is good.
03)Some time you can got free e-mail option also.
Now i say about the disadvantages of free hosting:-
01)There is not any domain name.
02)Few. limited  or software less option.
03)Security system is very low level.
04)Limited or not supported by database.
05)Few technical support.
Shared (Virtual) hosting:-

Shared hosting is a very much cheap cost. Share hosting give your site a own name and also your site with hundreds of web site related with a strong power full server. Share hosting are given maximum time more than one option like e-mail, database,and variates editing system option.

Share hosting good side are as below:-
01) Low cost because expenses shared with other company.
02)Small size business and medium traffic site are good for share hosting.
03)You will get there multiparty software option.
04)you can use your domain name.
05)Also you get good support from them
Share hosting negative side are as below:-
01) Many web site are one server so there are risk of your security.
02) Traffic system are restricted with rules and regulation.
03) There are some rules and regulation also for database support
04)Also there are some rules and regulations for software support.

Dedicated hosting:-

With dedicated hosting your web site will be dedicated with a dedicated hosting server. Dedicated  hosting is a very much expensive option. This option is a very much expensive option. this option is very good for those web site which needs high traffic and those are used very special software. This hosting is very much power full and safe and also there are you got unlimited software solutions.

Good side of dedicated hosting:-

01) It is very good or we can say best for big business.
02)very good for high traffic
03)You can use here multiparty domain name.
04)power full e-mail solutions
05)power full data base support.
06)power full (unlimited) software support.
negative side of dedicated hosting:-
01)very much expensive
02)Need high ability to control

Collocated hosting:-
Collocation means co-location. Collocation hosting give you to chance to place  your own web server as a service provider.You running your web server in your own site like that only different its keeps a good place which is specially design for it.

Collocation hosting good sides are here;
01)High bandwidth
02)High up time
03)High security.
04)Unlimited software option

Collocation hosting negative side are:-
01)It is very much expensive
02)Need highly qualified for hosting
03)Possible to upgrade better server.
04)Configuration and debug are very tough.

your check list:-
you confirm before select your own web host it is essential and for this you need to check some factor.
01)What types of hosting are suitable for you
02)Is this hosting types are adjust with your demand?
03)possible to upgrade in future better server.
04)If needed than you can upgrade your web site in dedicated server


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