Nova Scotia Hydroponics Has Advantages

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It might come as a bit of a surprise when you hear that many folks with enough space outdoors that would work perfectly for a garden are choosing to grow their Nova Scotia hydroponics gardens indoors instead? Indoor gardening is not something that appeals to those living in harsh climates it has such amazing benefits for those who want to grow bigger, healthier plants all year round. Here’s a few reasons why people all over the world are ditching traditional gardening and instead…growing their favorite plants indoors.

Less Effort – With a soil grown garden there are always weeds and these not only soak up available moisture they also consume nutrients from the soil that your plants need. When you feed your plants you’re feeding the weeds as well. A lot of time can be spent pulling weeds from your garden but it’s something that must be done if you want your chosen plants to survive.

Soil also contains many harmful bacteria and pests that can cause illness, weak plants or even kill your plants. It’s because indoor growing with hydroponics requires no soil there will be no weeds therefor no weeding and there will be no soil borne pests or bacteria to harm your plants. If you’ve ever dug a garden over in the late fall ready for a spring planting then you know the amount of work involved. With Nova Scotia hydroponics that laborious task is gone forever.

Superior Quality Plants– Unlike a soil based garden, hydroponics allows you, the grower, to have 100% control over lighting, nutrients, moisture and air. By making the proper adjustments when required it means that your plants get what they want when they need it 24 hours a day. What this means for the indoor grower is bigger yields from
healthier plants, tastier and higher nutrition vegetables.

Your vegetables will be able to ripen while still on the plant unlike artificially ripened store bought vegetables which are picked long before they are ready to eat. Store bought vegetables never have the chance to acquire the flavor and texture that ripening on the vine will allow you to get from your plants.

Non Seasonal – Most growers, no matter how nice a climate they might live in still cannot grow food during the winter months. Their prime growing time is late spring, through the summer and into early fall. Even if you live somewhere that you can grow plants in your backyard you are still restricted to growing seasonally. Those yummy tomatoes so many folks love can be eaten fresh from your garden in late summer and fall if you grew them in the traditional soil based garden. By growing indoors you get to eat fresh juicy tomatoes all year round. Outdoor plants are exposed to the elements which are only favorable for a few months of the year. In your home, where the elements cannot get to your plants you can maintain an almost perfect environment for growing vegetables.

Fewer Pests- No matter where you grow your plants there is always a risk of insect infestation but it’s far less of a risk with an indoor growing system. By placing fine mesh screens on air inlets and any other opening you can prevent the entry of many unwanted insect pests. Also by following a common sense approach to keeping a clean environment such as not bringing pest into your grow space on your clothes or on your shoes.

It’s not only about you having fewer pests to cope with it’s also about not having to use pesticides. Pesticides are toxins and they are something you really do not want inside your body. Many of them cannot be washed off the food you eat because they are systemic and actually absorbed into the plant and its fruits. Modern farms have used these for many years much to the detriment of the health of the consumer. In Nova Scotia hydroponics is the way forward for the small, medium and large scale grower.


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