13 Things That I Advise You to Manage in Your Blog

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1. Your blog should provide easy navigation. Well nobody bother to hit the back button again and again in order to go back to your blog homepage.

2. If you wish to display only one blog post on your front page then you must install RECENT POSTS widget.

3. It irritates me when your ABOUT ME page says “this is sample page; you can edit or delete this page”. Please don’t hide yourself from your readers.

4. When I make a COMMENT on your blog and a message appears “your comment awaits moderation by administrator, why wait for moderation? Haven’t you heard about Akismet Plugin, CAPTCHA or search for any other better option if you wish but don’t chuck me away from communicating with your blog.

5. When I literally struggle to find where is the post content as you filled it with flashy advertisement around, there are only four lines of content fitted with 300×250 AdSense Ad below and above.

6. When I just arrive at your blog, a pop up window appears requesting me to sign up for your BLOG FEED SUBSCRIPTION BOX by e-mail Come on, I haven’t yet read a single post on your blog and you are begging. I will close that window and disappear from your blog never to come back again!

7. When many activities goes on your blog SIDEBAR, I cannot concentrate on your main content. It’s stuffed fully like a Hamburger.

8. When you display your posts based on CATEGORY, I can’t figure out which is your most recent post.

9. Are you seriously writing a blog post or you are an essay writer and by accident become a blogger (or trying your hands at blogging?). It means your blog posts are very long.

10. Your HEADER Tag line (still) says “Just another WordPress blog”. So better have a proper HEADER.

11. When I can’t see a TOP COMMENTATOR WIDGET installed on your blog (it’s unfair but I’m helpless, I visit only those blogs which have top commentators widget in place. Sorry)

12. When I like your post but can’t see any SOCIAL MEDIA Support Button to spread love. Add This widget is the best one to use.

13. When I can’t see a Blog ARCHIVE PAGE


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