Surveys Claim That Microwave Signals of Mobile Phones Can Cause Neural Disorders in Children And Risk of Brain Cancer Upto 90%.

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In the 21st century, mobiles have been an indispensable item of our restless life. It has made our life easy; even we can talk with people who are in the farthest corner of the world. But think for a moment, it can make life a hell! Shocked? You should be. Why? Let’s see, why it can be dangerous to us and our health. Every second, four people die in accidents in the whole world. And the main reason for this type of incidents is mainly mobile phones. Recently it has been observed in surveys that cancer, glaucoma, neural disorders are very much prone in areas where mobile towers are installed more densely. But then also, human beings being aware of this fact cannot leave mobile phones as it has been their most close friend.

Even in the developing countries of the world, nowadays mobile phones do not represent status, but an indispensable device. And the most astonishing example is India followed by China. One cannot believe that in India 1.30 million mobile phones are sold in one month only followed by China with 1.10 million sets per month. Increase in the number of mobile sets in not a good news for users at all. The main reason is it increases the risk of neural disorders and brain cancer to a high level.

And the worst news is that the bad effect of microwave signals of mobile phones in childrens and infants. This has been studied and proved by European scientists that it can cause brain tumors in children much easily than older people. They experimented on this fact for a long time and the main news came from the researchers from England and Sweden.

The first report claimed that it has been observed that if microwave signals of mobile phones are being radiated in brain cells, cancer cells can originate with a 90% chance. And in the second report it has been said that if a person talks daily for a long duration by mobile phones, neural disorders and brain disorders and diseases like Alzheimer’s disease can happen at a very young age. That’s why in many European countries it has well been advised that infants and children should not use mobile phones, and it makes sense for older people too.


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