19 Public Sector Banks And Ibps Recruitment Strategy

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Since last year IBPS started its campaign of taking exam for PO, clerks and specialist officers in the 19 public sector banks in India, exceptional are SBI and the private sector banks. This was indeed a great work by IBPS authorities. Since then, nearly more than half the banks have announced their recruitment plans as of now. And overall 13000+ posts have been announced for PO interview. But the fact is, there is a glitch in the recruitment system, what we will be focusing on today.

When IBPS announced its plans for Probationary officer exam, it made the eligibility criteria as a pass in graduation. So, more than ten lakh students gave the exam in the hope of getting through one of the prestigious public sector banks among the nineteen. Little they knew that time that they were playing a gamble with themselves. When the results were announced, out of 10 lakh plus students, about one lakh passed the exam. So far, so good.

But as the public sector banks revealed their plans, the IBPS passed people has chaos and grief. The reason was they noticed only 40% of the pass will get a chance to sit in the interview. So, where is the lacking? It is because, in the eligibility criteria, many banks gave 60% or 55% as minimum in graduation, which many did not have. They said IBPS should have said it beforehand, or it was their money swapping plan. Also the banks are taking Rs. 200 as a fee which is what very much astonishing on their behalf, as it seems to be their money swapping plan too.

Also it was asked by many aspirants, that in such a short interval so many banks are producing their recruitment plans, and giving a high cutoff for interview. So, it means that they will select only the topscorers for interview. As, the topscorers will definitely not sitback applying to one, but all what comes out. So, if they get in a bank, and they are called for another bank interview, they will simply not go, thus snatching another lowscorer’s chance and making the seat empty whatsoever.

So, as far banks are concerned, they should call atleast 250000 with the topscorers for Group discussion, and then select less people for interview. That seems a good option, as many will get a chance to sit for the next step and will not feel that it was the banks and IBPS which cheated them even after getting a pretty good score, but will think it was their inability to compete. So, banks should consult with themselves and come to a solution, before calling the same topscorers for interview. As they are one person and cannot work in 19 banks! Give a chance to around half the IBPS passouts, or else there is no reason why IBPS passed more than one lakh aspirants. That is what most aspirants said, better wtch the move IBPS and banks take.

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