Sharing Knowledge is Gaining Knowledge

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We all might have seen people who likes to hide some new thing from others so that no one other than him can get the benifit what he is getting. I have seen those kind of prople a lot. In fact a general example is from anybody’s childhood days, children do it quite frequently. 

But I think it is the worst thing to do in this nice and beautiful world. We are here to share our thoughts with others and if that thought or idea is good, it should be shared with everybody. Knowledge is the best example of this process as the more you share it the more you will gain it. 

Actually knowledge is the only resourse that doubles or multiplies when it is used unlike other stuffs which diminishes when used more frequently. So it is the best practice to share your knowledge with others. Also sharing helps others to gain something from you. If you think that not sharing your thoughts will help in saving something from others, it is the wrong thing to do. Ultimately it is humane to tell others good things and help the surroundings to grow positively. 

You might be thinking that what all you can share as people eventually come to know the things one day or the other. So what is the need to share and what is the need of this discussion. I say that if you don’t have anything to share, you might have some knowledge which you can share. There are many students and persons who can benefit from your ideas and knowledge. Just be open and always try to give a nice path to others. 

To tell you frankly, people start their consulties with the same thoughts that I have shared with you. But that is for money or buisiness. So what? They are ultimately spreding awareness about the things which people generally does not know. So it is also a very nice money making. Likewise if you start a coaching centre or start teaching only some students, you are doing the same thing and the money you get is the best money you can earn on this earth. 

I discussed these things with you as I am fond of teaching. This job is the best as far as my thoughts are concerned as you get respect from your students and people praise you as you are always in th path of knowledge sharing. 


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