How To Communicate With Animals?

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It is distressing to watch a loved one struggle with the challenges of illness, chronic, fatal, or temporary or suffering from an injury. Often being able to talk with the patient gives relief to each of you. Being able to talk about concerns and worries can relieve distress and bring about healing. This is difficult when the patient is a beloved animal. Most of us do not know how to communicate with our pets. We express love and care through touch and words but we aren’t sure the animal understands. We can provide medical care, but feel inadequate when it comes to soothing and calming our animals in distress, whatever the reason.

Fortunately, there are a gifted few who have the ability to communicate with animals. Animal communicators will speak with the animal telepathically. This may take several forms, Animal communication expert say’s, “Animals can send visual images, feelings, thoughts, ideas and sensations as communications. Animal communication may be a very complicated mix of ideas and feelings.

Reiki is another way to communicate and heal animal patients. Using the universal life energy, Reiki practitioners conduct an energy flow through their hands to restore physical and emotional balance. Reiki treatments have proven beneficial to both human and animals, and are a popular service provided by many veterinary offices. Elizabeth Fulton, a Reiki master, use this method to heal her animal patients and finds it reduces side effects of conventional medical treatments. Reiki also brings comfort to a dying animal and helps with the grief and fear of both animal and human during this difficult transitional period.

 Flower essences can help to heal animals, as well as humans. Flower essence is a holistic treatment which promotes the body’s ability to heal itself.

Verbal communication is something that isn’t unique to humans. Researchers have shown that, for example, ravens and gorillas can be taught to understand human language. Many animals appear to have languages of their own, but no one has yet been able to translate them into terms and concepts humans can understand.

Body language is where most communication happens, even among humans. The way you stand, the pitch of your voice, the way you make eye contact and how close you stand to the people you communicate with are all aspects of body language. If you can learn how to read an animal’s body language and it can read yours, it becomes easier to communicate between species.

The way that humans and animals communicate requires the use of certain senses. For instance, verbal communication is almost useless if someone is deaf. Additionally, humans don’t have as keen a sense of smell as dogs, which means that humans miss a number of cues and signs that an animal would pick up on. The degree and sharpness of senses can make a lot of difference when it comes to communication between animals and humans.

There are some theories that humans and animals can communicate on a psychic level. While some research has been done on this theory, there is no proof that humans and animals can make a psychic connection.

One of the most common ways that humans and animals communicate is when humans train animals. In the course of training, you show an animal how to communicate its needs to you. Scratching at the door, barking and leading you toward a certain area are all simple signs that you can teach an animal to help communication between the two of you.



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