Five Great Myths About Blogging

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Myth No. 1: You need to be a Tech Geek to become a blogger

Now, that’s quite interesting! Many people have told me that they want to start blogging but do not know much about HTML or PHP. They have also stated that there are not very much into website development and therefore, they can’t start blogging. My advice to all is that you don’t have to be a Tech Geek to start neither you need to be a HTML or PHP master nor a website developer for becoming a blogger. The only knowledge that you need is to how to operate a computer and basic understanding of internet. That’s it, believe me.

Myth No. 2: Blogging is a Costly affair,

Many people think that starting a blog is a costly affair and requires some investment. Actually it does not cost much; you can start blogging with free hosting platform but as I recommended above you should host your blog on self domain site. You can buy hosting space spending very little amount. It does not cost your life’s earning. It’s a very small amount that you pay for an unlimited hosting space. After that you can install WordPress Blogging Software on it which is off course a free blogging software.

Myth No. 3 Bloggers are making BIG money online

It is neither very hard nor very easy to make money online with blogging. It’s a myth that bloggers are making huge money online with blogging, there are very few who are doing so. I know a couple of bloggers who are blogging since many years and have not yet earned $100. Most of the blogger never cross the threshold limit fixed by the various affiliates to qualify for getting paid. If you are making big money online with blogging then you are fortunate and must have done an unbelievable, sleepless, restless hard work to come to this stage. But don’t worry, you are in safe hands now. After reading this book you must learn few tricks how you can generate dollars with your blog.

Myth No. 4: Blogging is a hobby not a Profession

Most of the people we survey still believe that you cannot make blogging as a full time profession; for them it’s a hobby, just an idea to spend some time. Well, there are lots of bloggers who are doing it as their profession. They have proved it and if you have great writing skill then you can make a living by blogging. Take the example of Darren Rowse or Shoemoney or Tech Church and even John Chow they all are known in the blogsphere as professional bloggers.

Myth No. 5: For Blogging you need lots of free time

Many people think that blogging is a time consuming job. On the contrary it takes only one or two hours daily to blog. Think over your topic all the day long, draft it on a paper and when you get the time, just publish it on your blog. If you are good at typing you can finish it off in just half an hour. I mean it.


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