Reading Tips And Tricks

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We generally say that a good listener is a good speaker. Well, that’s true but I would like to add that a good reader can also be a good speaker. What do you think? 

Reading is a very important thing which we all should get in practice of because the more we read the more knowledge we gain and the more we can think and the more we can grow. It is an art which has some techniques involved in it. 

When we read in front of others loudly, it induces confidence in you and it builds eventually. Sometimes you might feel that you are wrong in pronouncing some words but when you read those words in public and no objection comes, you become sure that you are correct. So reading loudly in front of others or reading loudly so that you can hear that helps you to read confidently and get the speaking abilities better. 

But there is also a type of reading which is the reading within your mouth without making sound. It is also important as when we read something for ourselves, we want to read the stuff very fast so that we don’t miss out much and get the meaning clearly. 

We generally move our tongue and lips while reading without making sound for our own sake. It is the wrong way of reading as all we want is to read it out fast. Try not to move your lips and tongue. You will see that you are reading the lines much faster that you use to read. Don’t try to read actually, just see the words and the lines and don’t try to see each and every word of the sentence. Still you can grasp the meaning out of it. 

Practice the tips from the above paragraph, you will find yourself a much faster reader that you were previously. It helps you when you are into some exams taking the comprehension questions. Also when you see a big question, you can read it out fast and complete it in time. It actually helps very much. 

I hope these things will help you in your personal life. Thanks for reading. 


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