Fitness Tips And Tricks

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Generally after completion of our studies, we rarely play some games or we hardly do some physical excercises. This is the reason we get a lot of fats and bulkiness on our body. Still we ignore these things till we get unhealthy. We then start blaming it on the food content that we take and start dieting which again insures that we don’t take all the required contents for correct nutrition. It goes on till we start going to gymnasium or jogging. 

The basic point here is that there has to be some physical excersice regularly on your body. Whenever that stops, we get some trouble. We can manage it through regular jogging, swimming or some basic warm ups everyday. There are some basics that we should keep in mind on a daily basis. 

First and the foremost thing is that dieting should be the last option because we restrict ourselves from some food content in dieting which is never good for the human body. We should take food 4 to 5 times a day but the quantity should be less and we should keep in mind that we eat that much after which we can drink a lots of water and still we don’t feel that the stomach is full. So food in small quatities but more times a day. 

In our diet, there should be an apple a day, a glass of milk a day, some salad daily which has very less carbohydrate is good and the basic food with a low fat content. These things must be followed to keep the body fit and far from the diseases. 

We should also see that our body undergoes some physical excersice daily. It may be jogging or swimming or basic stuffs like walking. Then there should be some yoga or aerobics for at least 30 minutes a day so that our breathing process remains good which is the key to fitness always. If you are playing some games regularly, then there is no need of any other excersices ofcourse. 

Then the most important thing is to keep ourself away from the things like smoking, drinking habits. We generally feel like enjoying in these habits but we forget that these habits are the key to unhealthy body and illness. 

I hope you all know these basics but I have reminded you of these things just to remind myself that key to success is consistently following the basics of life. 


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