Making Money Online, Real? or Fake?

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    Okay, so now i want to talk about what everyone wants to know about, making money online. this article isnt going to support any o those websites so keep on reading. I always see thes articles online leading to some cheap, scam websites that claim to pay you or doing some serveys or things like that. I hope you knwo those are completely FAKE. i mean how ridiulous can people be, things cannot be that easy to make money. I think the only real ways to make money online is with google adsense and websites like bukisa. Like i said beore it isnt easy, or google adsense and bukisa you actualy have to do some hard work, writing articles and bringing traffic to certain sites. If you look up online on how to make money you will get the same thing everytime, either those scam websites, or pwoplw telling you to mow lawns. And we all know we dont want to do any of those. i always keep looking and looking or some reall sites that are as easy to make money as the fake sights say. But i always seem to fail. This makes me think, that making money online is FAKE!. beleive it or not, it is not any easy or efficient way to make money. So stick to your day job, and if you want some extra money,go ahead and mow some lawns. Now, if you know of any websites that actually do work, have an agreenment or disagreenment please comment below. Thankyou do not read past this, it is just useless stuff

p.s. i apologize or any mispellings in this article, the laptop i am using at the moment, wich is not mine seems to have a sticks (f) button and you have to press quite hard or it to actually work. I am also adding just useless bits of information so i can reach the 350 word mark point, you know i would really wish they had a counter somewhere. like they do for the dhort introduction. nope, still not three fifty, DAMN! lol ten more words


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