Search Engine Optimzation Tips

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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which means doing optimization website to be displayed on the main page / page of the Search Engine when someone type search words in the Search Engine box. The process is one open the Search Engine Google, Yahoo, and MSN, and she would type next word search on the Search Engine box and then will display a list of pages includes website that match the search word is typed person.

With the new website every day, then the need for Search Engine is very important, namely to facilitate the search for information and display the list websites in accordance with the desired information. Because the user Internet, there are limitations to remember or save website any which will be visited again later. Because the role of Search Engine so important in the displays information, then the owner of the website that displayed by the search website these engines, will give a big advantage, because the traffic is given by Search Engine to the websitewill certainly increase.

This SEO activity is an activity undertaken by webmasters (website owners or blog) whether to do the optimization of the internal side (the content of website or blogs) as well as from the external (back link) to be displayed on the website main page with a search word that targeted him. Your target is the minimum shown in the first 5 pages on Search Engine, preferably be displayed on page 1 or 2, because someone Internet users who type in search words on Search Engine, rarely open list website to more than 5 pages, usually only pages 1 and 2 only, and in 1 page only includes 10 stores a list of websites and if then the person is not find the information he seeks, he would type in other search words.

The main target of this SEO activities are given traffic from search engines. SEO Traffic is the number of visits obtained from Search Engine, so anyone looking for information on Search Engine, then displayed on your websitee, then click on your website, and open your website.

The position on the Search Engine will continue to change in a matter of day, so you can use SEO to bring traffic from the Search Engine, but do not use as a primary strategy SEO to bring traffic to your website. Because if the website ordering methods applied by each Search Engine changes, then your website may be lost overnight. But as a basis, there are some things You need not applicable to your website, to get traffic from Search Engine.

SEO tips to optimize your website were:

1. Content

2. Back Links

3. Domain

4. Title and Meta tags

5. Sitemap

6. Natural Listings

Content: The content of your website should contain a lot of keyword searches in accordance with the the targeted search keywords. Search keywords are the words typed by Internet users to its Search Engine
in finding the information they want.


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