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Search Engine is a computer program designed to help someone find the files that are stored in the computer, for example, in a public server on the web (WWW) or the computer itself. The Search Engine allows us to ask for media content with specific criteria (typically containing words or phrases that you specify) and obtain a list of files that meet these criteria. Search Engine usually use the index (which was made before and updated on a regular basis) to find the file after the user enters a search criteria. In the context of the Internet, Search Engine usually refers to the WWW, and not the protocol or other areas. In addition, Search Engine data available in newsgroups, large databases, or open directories like

Because data collection is done automatically, unlike Search Engine web directory of human work. Most Search Engine run by private companies using proprietary algorithms and closed databases – the most popular is Google (MSN Search and Yahoo! Left little behind). There have been several attempts to create Search Engine with open-source (open source), for example is Htdig, Nutch, Egothor and OpenFTS.

How it Works Search Engine?

Before registering the website to Search Engine, it helps if you know the bird’s eye view about how it works. Search Engine is a database system designed to to index internet addresses (URL, FTP, etc.). To carry out this task, Search Engine has a special program which is usually called the spider, bot, or crawler. At You register a websiteSearch Engine will accept and analyzing the URL. With certain algorithms, spiders will decide whether the web you submitted acceptable or not. If feasible, spiders will add the URL it into their database systems. But if not, you have to be patient and repeated enrollment in a particular period. The speed of each Search Engine crawler different. So if you register the URL now, new possibilities can dilisting within 2 weeks to 2 months. This is because there are thousands of new URLs register every day.

The main component of Search Engine:

A Search Engine has several components in order to provide The main service as an information Search Engine. Components include Other:

1. Web Crawler

2. Indexing System

3. Search System

*Web Crawler

Web crawler or also known as web spider term duty to gather all the information on the website. Web crawler workautomatically by providing a website address to visit and keep all the information contained therein. Each time the web crawler to visit a website, then he will record all existing links who visited the yard to visit again later in one by one.

*Indexing System

Indexing system served to analyze the website that have been saved prior to any possible way of indexing terms contained inside. Found in terms of data stored in a database index for used in subsequent searches.

*Search System

Search system is directly related to the user, providing the results search the desired information. When a user visits the machine search and entering the search terms used by some keywords, search system will search the index data from the database, which matches the data will then be displayed, usually accompanied by a brief summary of the document title and sometimes some of the text.


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