5 Simple Changes Can Increase Readership of Your Blog

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Contact Information

Give your contact information a separate page and create an email address specifically for your blog. Therefore, it is easy for people to communicate with you so that there mails are not lost in all mail and junk mail that comes to your primary email address.

Regular publication

You don’t have to post three times a day every day to get a good blog following, but you do need to be consistent with your blog posts. No one is going to read your blog if you only post once every couple weeks or months – but people are more likely to come back if they know that you’ll be updating your blog once a day or once every couple days.

Quality over quantity

When you write your posts you need to focus on writing posts that are well thought out and well written, not posts that are full of fluff. It’s easy to see when someone has put effort into something and when someone doesn’t have anything to say but posts anyway. Good content is hard to come by.  Be one of the people that supply something worth reading, not something that just serves to take up space

Engage your readers

Respond to the comments! It lets them know you care about what they have to say, and if they feel you actually do value their opinion, they are more likely to visit your blog regularly. Discussion posts are another great way to engage your reads. These are the kind of posts that leave people in a commenting frenzy and thinking about it when they’re away from blogging.

Make Subscribing EASY

Make it easy for your readers to enter their email address so they get automatic updates when you post. Put social media buttons on your site so they can follow you on Twitter and Facebook. Be a part of your readers’ life both within and outside of your blog. The easier it is for them to follow you on all types of social media forums, the more likely it is your blog is going to grow.

These five different changes only scratch the surface on what you can do to improve the quality of your blog. Your blog is something that should be constantly evolving and improving. To blog well requires time, something many of us don’t have a lot of, but eventually your persistence will pay off.


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