See Everything Around You

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  • Human doesn`t see everything around him doesn`t realize all facts happened to him ,all matters he involved in it ,doesn`t digest all situatuon he enter in it,doesn`t see the whole picture of every scene in his life
  • it may be because he doesn`t want to see to know or may be he just stupid or may it mercy from god not to aware of all things around us.
  • so result on this fact you may live with person for many years not knowing him well and found after years he is bad person.
  • may there certain situation pass on you and you don`t reallize the whole story and after years see it in different way.
  • so in your life assume always that you get it may be different that you see it. always think that every thing every person have two sides,every story has two end .every situation may be differ that you thought.
  • you always missing part hidden part missing a little piece of the truth appear only in certain situation,appear only after years .
  • appear only under certain circumstance.
  • and you ask yourself how can i miss that ? how can it happened by this way and you begin think about evidence that you missing all over the years
  • the things you interpreted wrongly. the issues you not bother yourself to analysis it
  • finally you just shocked ,you just deny ,you just wonder how stupid i am !!!! that all happened behind my back .
  • so to increase your realization . judgment be good in life
  • if you think good about something think equal in bad and vice verse to avoid surprise shock in your life.
  • and finally may be the only advantage of we all no reallize every thing is …. (mystery of life )…………..the surprise that you wake in next day discovery something new in thing , person you thought you know every thing about it
  • a new thing can turn your life in second change your beliefes even before you notice and you just say

  • what i did ? to this happen and all of this just keep mystery secret of the life


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