Grade Nine English Exam ON Chrysalids

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Chapter One
David tells about the dreams he’s having about things he’s never seen before. His sister Mary warns him not to tell anyone else about his dreams. David meets a playmate Sophie one day. They decided to play together, when her foot got stuck, which is when he finds out  that Sophie has six toes on each foot.

Chapter Two
David explains the history of Waknuk, about the peoples’ beliefs and the landscape. You can tell how waknuk society does  not like the deviation people, who have extra body parts. They think it’s the devils reproduction.

Chapter Three
David continues to play with Sophie and treats her as a human and does not tell anyone wat happened..
David begins to have nightmares about his father killing Sophie. David realizes the danger Sophie would be in if anyone finds out she has twelve toes, expessially if davds father saw, because he takes this religion serious/.

Chapter Four

 Davids Uncle Axel finds out that David and his cousin Rosalind can send think-shapes. Uncle Axel makes David promise to keep his ability to himself. Uncle Axel is friendly an keeps secerets.

CHAPTER FIVE There was an invasion from the Fringes. Two of the Fringe people were captured. The leader of the Fringe people is captured. David realizes this man he calls the Spider Man is his uncle axel
Alan Ervin comes along one day while David and Sophie are playing and wants to know who Sophie is. Alan sees Sophie’s footprint in the sand and sees she has six toes on each foot. They know he’s going to tell people about Sophie. Sophie and her parents are forced to flee.

Chapter Six
David confesses to his uncle that there are more think-shapers than just he and Rosalind. He trusts his uncle.

Chapter Seven
David’s mother gives birth to his sister, Petra, While aunt harriet gave birth to and aunt harriets baby was born a few days after petra. But hr daughter is deviation child. Her aunt tried to force davids mother  to switch babies so her child can egt a certificate.. Auntharriet had lost 3 newborn baby and she did not want to lose more. His mom refuses to switch babies. Aunt puts a curse on the family and davids dad yells at her. Net morning you find aunt harried dead. She was oo scared that uncle axel would get divorced with her because she can produce babies who are not devated.


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