Grojogan Sewu Waterfall

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Sewu Grojogan Waterfall, located in District Tawangmangu, has a land area of ​​20 ha, can be reached by public transportation from the bus terminal or walk Tawangmangu as far as 1 km, and within easy reach of the villas and inns and hotels in the vicinity. Grojogan sewu waterfall itself actually consists of only 1 small waterfall with a height of 80 meters, running next to them there are dozens of small springs on it. The cool air and beautiful panorama into its own allure of these attractions. Grojogan Sewu Waterfall has been the main goal of domestic and foreign tourists who come to Tawangmangu.

To be able to reach the waterfall site visitors have to walk down the hundreds of steps starting from the entrance at the counter one, or walking through the pine forest through two counters in the west of the tourist complex area with a slightly uphill road conditions. Besides enjoying the beauty of the falls, visitors can also enjoy the fresh water pools to swim in the cool and relaxing with family in the complex area of ​​the waterfall, or playing in the clear river water, as well as hundreds of long-tailed monkeys in the complex is ready to cheer. Visitors can feed the monkeys directly but must be careful because when they’re sometimes scrambling .

Outside the complex, visitors will be treated to a variety of handicrafts, souvenirs and eat lightly for the typical souvenirs from Tawangmangu presented at the souvenir shops along the street outside the counter inside. Do not forget for those who want to try horseback riding just to try or to travel to other locations in Tawangmangu, dozens of tenants of unity Turonggo Karyo horses ready to take visitors to the destination.
Not far from the complex Sewu Grojogan visitors can relax with the family especially the little children brought in Balekambang Park area. In this park there are various types of toys as a playground for children consisting of a swimming pool, swing, manky board, fish pond, bike mountains along its path, tower, tennis courts, flower gardens, and restaurants of course.

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